Foods & Restaurants In kagawa#Lunch

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Lunch to travel in kagawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


15 Foods & Restaurants [1-15]

With 4 Kinds Of Special Soy Sauces, Seafood And Raw Vegetables In Shodo Island/The Island's Washoku Entertaining Us With Traditional 'Hishio' And 'Moromi'
Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat Kagawa's Brand 'Olive Beef' For Lunch/A Super Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat Te-shima Island Lunch
Fish Store's Sushi Of Big & Fresh Seafood Grown In Great Fishery, Seto Inland Sea
The Local Somen Noodle With A Difference! Tasty & Green Olive Somen/Scenic Restaurant You Can Eat The Specialty Of The Island
Lunch With Scenic Terraced Rice Fields! 'Onigiri Teishoku' Of Blessings Of Shodo-shima Island
A Specialty Sanuki Style Reimen, A Popular Course Since The Restaurant Opened
Lunch Full Of The Island's Specialties At A French Bistro In A Small Isolated Ogi Island
Sanuki Lunch Of A Fish Dish As A Main And Homemade Focaccia/A Restaurant Like An Ancient Ruins
Shodoshima's Specialty Food 'Hishio-don'/Shodoshima Food With Juicy Local Beef
French Cuisine With The Best View In Kagawa/A Yogurt Ice Cream With Sour-Sweet shodoshima Island Green Lemon
Delicious and Peculiar Italian Having in the Garden Sea Breeze Blows/A Genuine Margherita Grilled In A Stone Oven Imported From The Home Napoli
After Traveling All Over The World, Now In Naoshima. Delicious Italian Mixed With Setouchi Foodstuffs
Grilled Sanuki Cochin Chicken For Lunch/A Good Sense Buffet Of Sanuki Foodstuffs
Lunch Set Selected By A Vegetable Sommelier
Specialty Food Of Ogijima Island You Can Eat At A Window Seat Commanding Seascape