Foods & Restaurants In ayauta-gun#Photogenic

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by Photogenic to travel in ayauta-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


1 Foods & Restaurants [1-1]

Burgers Cafe Pon Pon

Cafe For Ideal Sweets Time With Nice Ocean View

This cafe is located inside Utazu Seaside Park, and you can see the nice view of Seto Inland Sea such as small islands and a bridge. Their sweets with many local fruit are good-seller, French toast, waffle and parfait.

Hamburger & Steak Of Kagawa's Brand Meat At A Scenic Cafe

Their tasty and meaty hamburger made from Kagawa's local beef and pork sells well. The scenery of Setouchi makes it more delicious. And after the meal, let's enjoy their popular sweets.

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