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This wonderful and beautiful Sanuki udon is the specialty 'Hiya Ten Oroshi' registered as a trademark. The cold noodle that you can enjoy the chewiness of Sanuki udon and crispy hot prawn tempura sticking out of the bowl. Their collaboration is the first-class!


A skilled chef cooks foodstuffs grown in Sanuki to turn into superb cuisines. And in such a surprising location, a comfortable and special time you could spend. It was like a secret salon of only mine.


Tables and chairs made from stone and wood, reed screens make us feel cool.


Very popular restaurant's popular menu, its by-name is Kamatamayama! Egg and yam with original sauce and chewy udon noodles that are made by the traditional way.


At a café in the seaside park, you can see the whole scenery of Seto Inland Sea. There are also seats in the terrace, which is good at the day of nice temperature.


It's excellent at the hot season! Very refreshing sourness is delicious!


Full of fresh fruits and many kinds! This café is popular among women. Of all kinds, a parfait of seasonal fruits is very popular and they're proud of it!


Beef's plentiful, and personally I like thin noodle better than thick.


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