Things To Do In ishikawa

Special Things To Do to travel in ishikawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

22 Things To Do [1-22]

Kenrokuen Garden

◎No.1 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot In Kanazawa! Kenroku-en Selected As One Of The 100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots

◎The Kotoji Lantern, Symbol of Kenrokuen Garden that is one of the 3 Most Famous Gardens

Kazue-machi Chaya District

◎Beautiful Harmony Of Proudly Blooming Cherries & Tasteful Traditional Townscape

◎Chaya-gai Street With A Calm Atmosphere At The Asano River Side

Nata-dera Temple

◎Surprising Nature! Kigan Yusenkyou, The Site Of Ancient Submarine Eruptions

Kanazawa Umimirai Library

◎A City Library With Beautiful Dotted Windows

◎A Library Selected As The Most Beautiful 4 Libraries In The World By BBC

Korin-ji Temple

◎Kanazawa's Popular Spiritual Spot! Prayer Temple Where The Visitors Never Stopped

Kinjo Reitaku

◎The Strongest Spiritual Power Spot In Kanazawa! A Mysterious Spring That The Name 'Kanazawa' Is derived From

Kanazawa Castle Park

◎Fascinating Harmony Between Picturesque Kanazawa Castle & Cherry Blossom

Kanazawa Station

◎Kanazawa's Symbol! A Great Tuzumi-mon Gate Born From A Traditional Performing Arts Of Japan

Higashi Chaya District

◎A Tasteful Chaya-gai You Can Enjoy Shopping And Café Time

Shirayamahime Shrine

◎Good Effect On Marriage! Shirayamahime Shrine For The Strongest God Of Love

21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa

◎A Symbolic Art Of This Museum 'The Swimming Pool'

◎A Museum Like A Park You Can Enjoy All Of Your Families

Keta-taisha Shrine

◎Strong Supporter For Ladies In Love! Keta-taisha Shrine Is The Most Powerful Spot For Good Matrimony In Noto Peninsula

Kanazawa Yuwaku Edo Mura

◎Time Travel To Edo Period! Outdoor Museum Fill Of Old Time Mood Of Kanazawa Castle Town

Suzuki Museum

◎Peaceful & Quiet Room For Zen

A Site Of Samurai House Nomura-ke

◎Fascinated With A Beautiful Japanese Garden. Two Michelin-starred High Class Samurai House

Kakusen-kei Valley

◎Matsuo Basho Admired! A Place Of Scenic Beauty Known As The Best Autumn Foliage In Hokuriku


◎A Fascinating Hanamachi Atmosphere Remains Here. An Important Cultural Asset 'Ocha-ya' With A Long History.

Rosanjin's Cottage, Iroha Souan

◎An Extraordinary Artist & Foodie Kitaoji Rosanjin Loved The Cottage All His Life

Nishi Chaya District

◎Small, But You Must Not Miss! A Fashionable And Calm Chaya-gai District


◎Soy Sauce Town' You Can Enjoy Taste, Fragrance And Looking Around

Oyama Shrine

◎Japan's Important Cultural Asset! A Shin-mon Gate With The Original Design Of Japanese, Western & Chinese Style Mixed

Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa Port Ohno KARAKURI MEMORIAL MUSEUM

◎A Model Of An Electric Generator & Tin Toys. Interesting Karakuri Memorial Museum You May Forget The Time


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