Things To Do In ishikawa

Special Things To Do to travel in ishikawa Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




21 Things To Do [1-21]

No.1 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot In Kanazawa! Kenroku-en Selected As One Of The 100 Best Cherry Blossom Spots/The Kotoji Lantern, Symbol of Kenrokuen Garden that is one of the 3 Most Famous Gardens
Beautiful Harmony Of Proudly Blooming Cherries & Tasteful Traditional Townscape/Chaya-gai Street With A Calm Atmosphere At The Asano River Side
Surprising Nature! Kigan Yusenkyou, The Site Of Ancient Submarine Eruptions
Kanazawa's Popular Spiritual Spot! Prayer Temple Where The Visitors Never Stopped
The Strongest Spiritual Power Spot In Kanazawa! A Mysterious Spring That The Name 'Kanazawa' Is derived From
Fascinating Harmony Between Picturesque Kanazawa Castle & Cherry Blossom
Kanazawa's Symbol! A Great Tuzumi-mon Gate Born From A Traditional Performing Arts Of Japan
A Tasteful Chaya-gai You Can Enjoy Shopping And Café Time
Good Effect On Marriage! Shirayamahime Shrine For The Strongest God Of Love
Strong Supporter For Ladies In Love! Keta-taisha Shrine Is The Most Powerful Spot For Good Matrimony In Noto Peninsula
Time Travel To Edo Period! Outdoor Museum Fill Of Old Time Mood Of Kanazawa Castle Town
Peaceful & Quiet Room For Zen
A Library Selected As The Most Beautiful 4 Libraries In The World By BBC
Fascinated With A Beautiful Japanese Garden. Two Michelin-starred High Class Samurai House
Matsuo Basho Admired! A Place Of Scenic Beauty Known As The Best Autumn Foliage In Hokuriku
A Fascinating Hanamachi Atmosphere Remains Here. An Important Cultural Asset 'Ocha-ya' With A Long History.
An Extraordinary Artist & Foodie Kitaoji Rosanjin Loved The Cottage All His Life
Small, But You Must Not Miss! A Fashionable And Calm Chaya-gai District
Soy Sauce Town' You Can Enjoy Taste, Fragrance And Observation
Japan's Important Cultural Asset! A Shin-mon Gate With The Original Design Of Japanese, Western & Chinese Style Mixed
A Model Of An Electric Generator & Tin Toys. Interesting Karakuri Memorial Museum You May Forget The Time