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Special Things To Do to travel in tsukuba-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Tsukuba Botanical Garden

Like Modern Arts!! Fascinating Colors And Shapes Of Plants Gathered From All Over The World

They cultivate more than 7000 kinds of domestic and foreign plants, from the torrid to arid zone, in about 14ha site. Specially, there're many rare plants in the three hothouses, then you'll surely be enthralled by its unique colors and shapes that can't be seen in Japan.

Mt.Tsukuba Plum Garden

Let's Feel The Coming Of Spring! Somehow, The Familiar Mountains And A Gallery Of Plums In Full Bloom

I introduce the plum blossoms festival of Mt.Tsukuba that makes us feel 'somehow the familiar the scenery of mountains in Japan'. The best season to see the blossoms has come, and you can command a view of Kanto Plains from Azuma hut! Spring coming soon! Let's feel the coming of spring!

Hiuchiga-ike Pond

Lesser Known Spiritual Spot At The Foot Of Mt.Tsukuba! A Huge Hackberry Beside Hiuchiga-ike Pond

The old tree seen in even the old map in Edo era. People come to take pictures of the tree with cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer and cluster amaryllis in autumn. Unfortunately, now a part of branch has broken, but the great life of a hackberry attracts people as a spiritual spot.

Hirasawa Kanga Ruins

Feel The Wind Of Old Times! The Site Of Hirasawa Kangai

The site of the old region country, Hitachi no kuni Tukuba gun in Nara and Heian era. They restored the high-floor warehouse as the same size in the ancient time. A rural scene spreading around it, you can feel like slipping back in the old time.

The Science Museum of Map and Survey

Who Likes Maps Must See Their Complete Exihibitions

There are a plane for survey and a spherical model of Japan. And they have exhibitions about maps and survey, also have a shop selling goods.


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