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Hitachi Beef Restaurant Hitachino

Ibaraki's Pride Marbled Beef, Charbroiled 'Hitachi Gyu'

They use only A4 or A5 rank of Hitachi beef grown up by designated producer and fed strictly selected food. To make the most of soft texture and flavorful taste of Hitachi beef, they season it only with salt, pepper and specially made thin sauce. Enjoy the superb Hitachi beef!

Cafe Posten

A Carry And Rice Of 'Rare Beef Iimura Gyu' That Grew Bathing In Many Negative Ions At The Foot Of Mt.Tsukuba

The locally grown vegetables and beef 'Iimura gyu' which is said that there are only 850 heads. They take time to stew them and make this superb carry well balanced of flavors of meat, vegetables and spices. Furthermore, its rice Hojyo-mai was used to be a gift for the Emperor Showa.

Jam Factory

Made From Selected Fruits Grown In Tsukuba. Homemade And Non Additive Jam Shining Like Jewelries

Luxurious jam that are made to bring out the shining beautiful colors and fragrances. Eating a mouthful, condensed rich tastes and smells of fruits and juicy feels fill in your mouth.


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