Things To Do In ibaraki

Special Things To Do to travel in ibaraki Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





25 Things To Do [1-24]

Red Dyed World! Let's Go To See The Plump Kochia In Best Season!/Nemophila Harmony like Blue Carpet
Summer & Autumn Will Be A Chance To See the Sea Of Clouds! Ryujin Suspension Bridge In The Sky/The Traditional Star Festival is Coming! The Ryujin-Otsuribashi Bridge Across the Milky Way
What a Nice Collaboration of the Two! The Sunrise over the Shrine Gate 'Kamiiso Shrine Gate'/Wonderful Scenery Seen Only in Spring! Torii and Milky Way in Kamiiso
A Fantastic Night Of Early Spring! Full-blown Plum Trees And Illuminated Kairaku Garden/Let's Make A Trip To Feel Spring! Kairaku-en's Plum Blossoms Festival, An Annual Event In Spring
Wonderful Place! Two Million Poppies And Mt.Tsukuba/Like A Flower Carpet! About Two Million Poppies At Kokaigawa Fureai Park
Overwhelming Presence! Shining Futuristic Tower Designed By Arata Isozaki/Magnificent Sounds Of Biggest Pipe Organ Made By Japanese
This Summer's Most Moving Fireworks In Koga! And Most Beautiful 'Saishoku Senrin' In Japan
Like Modern Arts!! Fascinating Colors And Shapes Of Plants Gathered From All Over The World/The Ugliest! Worst Smell! And Biggest Flower In The World Coming Out By A Miracle
Digital Art Inspired By A Leader Of Japanese Art, Tenshin Okakura
Airplane Fans Must Like It! An Airport You Can Feel The Powerful Planes Very Close
A Famous Spiritual Power Spot In Japan! A Main Shrine Of 600 Kashima Shrines All Over Japan
Lesser Known Spiritual Spot At The Foot Of Mt.Tsukuba! A Huge Hackberry Beside Hiuchiga-ike Pond
Hina-ningyo Dolls Displayed In The 160 Historical Houses And Storehouses
Milky Way and Skyful of Stars Above the Satomi Farm
Like SF! The Unrealistic Night View Of A Large Industrial Area
Must Destination For Wine Lovers! Japan's First Genuine Wine Brewery
Feel The Wind Of Old Times! The Site Of Hirasawa Kangai
Japan's No.1 Peach Blossoms That Colors Vast 25ha Site Into Pink
A Fantastic Scenery Weaved From Light And Shade! A Bamboo Grove Of Itano Family's House
A Field Trip to Factory You Can Drink the First Draft Beer
Nostalgic Townscape With Billboard Architecture
Real Nostalgia. A Closed Down Wooden School Building
Who Likes Maps Must See Their Complete Exihibitions

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