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Special Sights to travel in ibaraki Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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22 Sights In ibaraki [1-10]

    • Red Dyed World! Let's Go To See The Plump Kochia In Best Season!

    • Nemophila Harmony like Blue Carpet

    • Blue World! A Flower Garden Of The Same Color As The Sky

    • Summer & Autumn Will Be A Chance To See the Sea Of Clouds! Ryujin Suspension Bridge In The Sky

    • The Traditional Star Festival is Coming! The Ryujin-Otsuribashi Bridge Across the Milky Way

    • Ryujin-Suspension Bridge' Let's Cross the Longest Bridge in Main Island of Japan! And Bungee Jump if You have Courage

    • What a Nice Collaboration of the Two! The Sunrise over the Shrine Gate 'Kamiiso Shrine Gate'

    • Wonderful Scenery Seen Only in Spring! Torii and Milky Way in Kamiiso

    • A Fantastic Night Of Early Spring! Full-blown Plum Trees And Illuminated Kairaku Garden

    • Let's Make A Trip To Feel Spring! Kairaku-en's Plum Blossoms Festival, An Annual Event In Spring

    • Wonderful Place! Two Million Poppies And Mt.Tsukuba

    • Like A Flower Carpet! About Two Million Poppies At Kokaigawa Fureai Park

    • Overwhelming Presence! Shining Futuristic Tower Designed By Arata Isozaki

    • Magnificent Sounds Of Biggest Pipe Organ Made By Japanese

    • This Summer's Most Moving Fireworks In Koga! And Most Beautiful 'Saishoku Senrin' In Japan

    • Like Modern Arts!! Fascinating Colors And Shapes Of Plants Gathered From All Over The World

    • The Ugliest! Worst Smell! And Biggest Flower In The World Coming Out By A Miracle

    • Digital Art Inspired By A Leader Of Japanese Art, Tenshin Okakura

    • Airplane Fans Must Like It! An Airport You Can Feel The Powerful Planes Very Close


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