Things To Do In hyogo

Special Things To Do to travel in hyogo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Byakugoji Temple

Terrace Café Ohge

16-45 Oge Tosadomariura Naruto-cho

Luminous Kobe

Unparalleled Luxurious Beauty! Romantic Night Cruise Of Kobe

A perfect night cruise you can see the glittering town sight of Kobe, and go under the illuminated Akashi Ohashi Bridge which is the longest in the world. It's so supreme night view that I can declare having a date here must be perfect.

Himeji Castle

It is Called 'Shirasagi, a White Egret Castle' That is The First World Heritage in Japan and Regains a White Figure After Repaired

The world heritage 'Himeji Castle' regains it's original beautiful white figure after a long time repairing. Japan boasts the unprecedented beautiful castle.

Ankoku-ji Temple

Bursting Into Flames! Lighted Up Red Japanese Enkianthus

At Ankoku-ji Shrine is become crowded with people seeing the Japanese enkianthus trees in best season. The scenery cut out over the veranda is bright red like flames and overwhelm us sitting in front of that.

Awaji Yumebutai

Unusual Scene Of A Botanical Garden Like A Paradise

Together with foliage plants and orchids, the water's edge and other displays are totally produced. Every corner of the large glasshouse surrounded by vivid color flowers and greens is so photogenic! Let's wear a colorful dress and take beautiful pictures here!

Hyakudan'en, An Amazing Flower Beds Composed Of 100 Division

Designated by a worldwide architect, Tadao Ando, it's located at Awaji Yume Butai. The 100 flower beds, makes the most of the mountain slope, is like a beautiful maze. You can see them with the ocean view.

Awaji Hana Sajiki

Stunning View For Every Direction! A Sky Flower Garden Overlooking The Sea

A flower island, Awaji's famous place 'Hana Sajiki' has 15ha area and 300m high above sea level. The beautiful location with the sea spleding below is truly 'sky flower garden'. In summer, you can enjoy sunflower and salvia.

Koko-en Garden

The Japanese Traditional Garden For Strolling Around the Beautiful Ponds and Himeji Castle Behind

The garden is at the west of Himeji Castle. Lots of green, waterfall, and gently swims the carp, in other word, Japanese style oasis. The scene sometimes appears in movies. You can buy the reasonable entrance common ticket of the garden and the castle.

Never Tired of the Attractions. Nine Different Tastes of Japanese Traditional Gardens

There are nine different areas in this 3.5ha Japanese garden. It takes time to see all of them but I can notice and be fascinated every time I visit.

Takeda Castle Remains

Takeda Castle In The Sea Of Clouds

Takeda Castle floating on the sea of clouds is really a wonderful view we must see once in our lives! Though you need to climb the mountain to both the Takeda Castle remains and Ritsu'unkyo Valley, the moving scenery will blow your sleepiness and tiredness away! What's more, in summer, you can see the beautiful view like Ghibli movie 'Castle In The Sky' with lush greens.

Uroko House

Dream House With Many Antiques Of MEISSEN & TIFFANY

It's called 'Uroko (scale) House' because the natural stones of wall look like scales. This house standing on a hill like a castle is where you can't miss in Kitano. Many antiques of MEISSEN and TIFFANY are displayed in the house.

Fortunate Spot 'Calydonian Boar' You Can Get Happiness After Touching Its Nose

A bronze statue 'Calydonian Boar' standing at a garden of Uroko House. It's a boar appears in Greek Myth. And here is a fortunate spot that happiness comes after you touch its nose. The nickname is Porcellino, very attractive!

Nadakuroiwa Suisen Kyo

Lovely Daffodils On A Steep Slope Facing The Sea

At Nagikuroiwa Suisen Kyo, located on south of Awaji Island, white daffodils bloom profusely on the steep slope. Enveloped in fragrance of daffodils and the cold air in January, please enjoy the calm scenery of Seto Inland Sea?

One Of The Three Biggest Place Of Daffodil. Daffodils On The Slope Facing To The Sea!

Nadakuroiwa Suisen-kyo in Awaji-shima Island is one of the three biggest growth of daffodil in Japan. You can see the beautiful scenery with the ocean in sunny days and this is at dusk. Please enjoy the flowers with this scenery.

Egret Himeji

Lesser Known Place! An Observatory For Full-faced Himeji Castle

An observatory in the 5th floor of Egret Himeji standing in front of Himeji Castle, commands the whole view od the castle and nice place to take pictures. What is more, you can enter for free and there're a few people here.

Kawaramachi Tsumairi Merchant Houses

Time Travel To Edo Period! A Retro Castle Town With Old & Good Townscape

Kawaramachi Tsumairi merchant houses area is located at a town under Tamba Sasayama Castle in Kyoto. It's registered as the important preservation district of historic buildings. Enjoy walking around the lovely retro town and cafés and variety stores.

Uzushio Cruise

Uzushio Cruise' Making You Full Of Adventure

Uzushio, a swirling current is formed by the unique geographical features of Naruto Strait. Our boat goes closer to the center of this mysterious current. No one knows where the swirling current is formed, and what happens next, this cruise must call your adventure!

Jenova Line

Fast Ship Going Just Under The Akashi Strait Bridge, With Akashi-yaki Flitters

As soon as you buy piping hot Akashi-yaki at U'onotana Shopping Street, let's take the ship at Akashi Port to go to Awaji-shima Island! You can enjoy impressive view of Akashi Strait Bridge while eating Akashi-yaki.

Gembu-do Koen Park

Beautiful Caves Named After Gods! Naturally Formed Mysterious Columnar Jointing

The caves named Gembu, Byakko, Suzaku and Seiryo, names of four gods 'Shijin'. Gembu-dou Park has the impressive scenery formed by the nature! Here you can see the mysterious geographical features called 'Columnar Jointing', the piled up rocks like hexagonal prism.

Hilltop House (Former Chinese Consulate)

Fortunate Spot Of Two Stone Guardian Dogs

It's said that people walk through between the two stone guardian dogs can be blessed with love and become happy! They have a power for protect you from evil, you may be able to cleanse bad influences and get much love. This is an Oriental style house that is only one in Kitano Ijinkan District.

Yamate Hachiban-kan

A Chair Of Saturn, If You Sit Then Your Wish May Come True

One of Ijin-kan (foreigner's houses), in Kobe Kitano, Yamate hachi-ban kan. It engraved some mysterious figures… They say that many wishes had come true.

The Most Powerful Spiritual Spot 'Chairs Of Saturn'

It's said to be the most powerful power spot in Kitano area. When you pray wishes, women sit down on the right, and men on the left. In the house, there're mysterious room with sculptures of Rodin and Buddhism arts.

Kobe Museum

A Beautiful Museum In Kobe, A Gate City For International Exchange

A museum located at Kyomachi, a more sophisticated area in Kobe. It has many exhibitions whose themes are international exchange and something blue. Please appreciate Kobe's constant quest for beauty.

Hachijo-ji Temple

The Most Magnificent Temple In Awaji Island

It's the head temple of Awaji-shima's Seven Deities of Good Fortune. The red and fine pagoda called 'Yugi Shichifuku Houtou' catches our eyes.