Things To Do In hyogo

Special Things To Do to travel in hyogo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




36 Things To Do [1-30]

Luminous Kobe
Unparalleled Luxurious Beauty! Romantic Night Cruise Of Kobe
Byakugoji Temple
Terrace Café Ohge
Onokoro-jima Shrine
Onokoro-jima Shrine Hands Down A Myth Of Japan's Country Birth And A Big Red Torii Gate
Himeji Castle
It is Called 'Shirasagi, a White Egret Castle' That is The First World Heritage in Japan and Regains a White Figure After Repaired/Varied Faces Seen From Everywhere In The Town. A World Heritage, Himeji Castle
Ankoku-ji Temple
Bursting Into Flames! Lighted Up Red Japanese Enkianthus
Awaji Yumebutai
Hyakudan'en, An Amazing Flower Beds Composed Of 100 Division/Unusual Scene Of A Botanical Garden Like A Paradise
Gembu-do Koen Park
Beautiful Caves Named After Gods! Naturally Formed Mysterious Columnar Jointing
Awaji Hana Sajiki
Stunning View For Every Direction! A Sky Flower Garden Overlooking The Sea
Nadakuroiwa Suisen Kyo
Lovely Daffodils On A Steep Slope Facing The Sea
Uroko House
Dream House With Many Antiques Of MEISSEN & TIFFANY/Fortunate Spot 'Calydonian Boar' You Can Get Happiness After Touching Its Nose
Kawaramachi Tsumairi Merchant Houses
Time Travel To Edo Period! A Retro Castle Town With Old & Good Townscape
Yamate Hachibankan
A Chair Of Saturn, If You Sit Then Your Wish May Come True/The Most Powerful Spiritual Spot 'Chairs Of Saturn'
Egret Himeji
Lesser Known Place! An Observatory For Full-faced Himeji Castle
Uzushio Cruise
Uzushio Cruise' Making You Full Of Adventure
Hilltop House (Former Chinese Consulate)
Fortunate Spot Of Two Stone Guardian Dogs
Izanagi Jingu Shrine
Izanagi Shrine, The Oldest In Japan, And A Shrine Of Japan's Country Birth/A Spiritual Spot For Married Couple
Ikuta Shrine
Cute Water Lot For Good Marriage At A Forest In Ikuta Shrine/A Traditional Fortune Power For Marriage
Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park
With Sea, Flowers & Greens! A Park To Enjoy 'The Island Of Flower'
Kobe Port Tower
Kobe Symbol Tower Shining Vermilion
Line Palace
A Beautiful House With Lines And Pretty Garden With Many Flowers Even In Winter
Kobe Luminarie
Arches Of Lights 'Galleria'/A Glorious Light Waltz
Hachijo-ji Temple
The Most Magnificent Temple In Awaji Island
Parastain House
A Lovely Café As A Traditional Building In Kobe
Kokoen Park
The Japanese Traditional Garden For Strolling Around the Beautiful Ponds and Himeji Castle Behind/Never Tired of the Attractions. Nine Different Tastes of Japanese Traditional Gardens
Nankin-machi Chinatown
Energetic Chinese Mood Gathering In A Compact Area
Rokko Cable
A Retro Cable Car
Rokko Garden Terrace
A Garden Like A Foreign Country On The Top Of The Mountain
Parushie Kaori no Yu
A Beautiful Garden Of Blooming Lavenders/A Big Greenhouse Of Fuchsia And Streptocarpus
Awaji service area down line
A Spot For The Imposing View of Akashi Strait Bridge
Kazamidori Palace
Mustn't Miss Here In Kobe Kitano! Beautiful Brick Wall And Weathercock As A Symbol

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