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Scenic Restaurant Uzu-no Oka

This Restaurant Never Suffers By Own Name 'Scenic'. And Scenic Certainly.

A superb view of Naruto Strait seem from the restaurant. This picture is their specialty 'Otsukuri Stage With A Wonderful View'. They pick the seafood, say sauce and rice grown here in Awaji. Very delicious dish that synchronizes with the view!

Starbucks Coffee Awaji SA Store (Downline)

The Starbucks with Akashi Ocean View

This starbucks is in Awaji SA. And you can see the Akashi ocean view.

Le Pan

Happy Morning Is Starting! A Superb Bakery That Has Won The Best Breakfast In Japan

Famous for the greatest breakfast in Japan, Hotel La Suite Kobe manages the bakery directly. Superb bread and buns made from particular wheat, water and salt produced in Hyogo Pref. Each one tastes like I eat them in a luxury hotel, and has surprising and original deliciousness.

Kobe Beef Kissyokichi Sannomiya-Isogami-Store

Use Only Kobe Beef. Buying One Whole Head Realizes The Reasonable Kobe Beef For French Style

They buy a whole head of Kobe cattle and process it by themselves, then offer the worldwide Kobe beef at a lower price than others. And, their French style is excellent with the fashionable town Kobe. Beef stew and dessert are also delicious!


Funs Must Eat the Two Tiered Set of Lunch Boxes Named Strategist Kanbei in Sengoku Period

Limited only 20 sets for a day. I was talking about the TV drama of his story. A top of a bowl for soba imitates the shape of his battle helmet, I was sad to forget to take a photo of it!

Hotel Setre

Colorful Breakfast As A Room Service With A View Of Akashi Strait

A room you can have an ocean view with Akashi Strait Bridge all to yourself. Colorful breakfast like a palette with full of foodstuffs grown in Awaji-shima and Akashi Strait. Enjoy the gorgeous morning you never have other places.


In-season Sushi Of Awaji-shima Island And A Nice View Of Huge Akashi Strait Bridge

A wonderful location you can see the impressive Akashi Strait Bride over the counter. They use in-season seafood caught here in Akashi Strait which is one of the best fisheries in Japan. Moreover, the rice and vinegar they use are also made in Awaji, that produces the superb sushi with full of Awaji blessings.

Cadeau De La Mer

Special Hamburger in Awaji Island Shape

To be surprised, the shape of its buns is Awaji Island. The size isn't worse than the American's. It is outstanding delicious hamburger made from the local foodstuffs (anaga-burger).

Kobe Beef Steak Ishida. Kitanozaka

The Supreme Kobe Beef that You Can Eat at Very Reasonable Price

I was satisfied with the taste and the price. Because the restaurant is managed by wholesale merchant and contracts 3 selected farms in Hyogo, they can serve the Kobe beef at reasonable price. If you eat the same at other restaurants, you have to pay more.

Kobe Beef Steak Aburiniku Kobo Wakkoqu Kitanozaka Main Store

Kobe Beef Stake Grilled Lightly

Kobe Beef that Hyogo boasts to the world. They prepare salt, black pepper, mustard and so on, you can taste beef with the seasonings as you like. The chef makes the best flavor of Kobe beef as it is.

Bar Awaji

A Rich Rice Bowl of Awaji Beef Made From the Sweetest Onions and Beef Grown in Awaji

Awaji's popular foodstuffs are multiplied to be a superb bowl of rice.


Good For Date! Italian Restaurant With A Whole View Of Kobe

Italian restaurant 'GIANCALDO' is located on Mt.Suwa, about 15min by car from San'nomiya. The dishes made from foodstuffs from all over the world and also locally grown ones are as beautiful as Kobe city view seen from the big windows. Anyway, their elaborated dishes are delicious.


With Beer! Akashi's Specialty, Hot & Crisp & Runny 'Tamago-yaki'

A popular shop for 'Tamago-yaki'. Their 'Tamago-yaki' has crispy surface and runny inside. And you can eat freshly made hot 'Tamago-yaki' for they start to cook after you order. Dunking them in the stock soup of dried bonito and tangle, enjoy the local food together with beer!

Ristorante Mia Albergo

The Milanese Cotoletta of Inobuta Pork Loins Grown in Awaji

The Inobuta representing meat in Awaji is wild boar and domestic pig hybrid. It has sweet fat, soft meat, and high nutritional value. So, I want to give the dish three-star (means the highest prize for dishes in Japan).


A Photogenic Entrance You Must Be Excited Before You Enter The Shop

A restaurant and fashionable shops get together at Awaji CRAFT CIRCUS. Some attractive furniture that you may want to take pictures are displayed at its restaurant. They make you excited before you enter the shop and restaurant!

Kirin -Second Branch-

Very Fresh & Succulent! Sushi Of Seafood Grown In Akashi's Raging Waves & Modern Seasonings

This is real abilities of seafood grown in Akashi strait! These fresh fish let you know the real SUSHI. For seasonings, they use sudachi and yuzu, Japanese citrus fruits, or ume, pickled plum, which make their sushi a little different from others. Besides, the modern interior is one of the reason for their popularity.

Starbucks Kobe-Kitano-Ijinkan-Store

A Western Style House With Fashionable Interiors

It's remodeled from a wooden two-storied house built in Meiji era. The building matches the townscape and retro designs of each rooms make comfortable moods.

Gallery Deai

Fluffy Akashi-yaki At The Home. And Secret Dipping Sauce With Ginger Picked In Sweetened Vinegar

You can enjoy the two different tastes! First, dip the stock soup. Second, put the sour-sweet ginger into the sauce. Then the sauce's taste changes dramatically and becomes more excellent with Akashi-yaki! You can order ten or eleven pieces, but I think ten may be not enough.

Bakery NORA

A Bakery In The Mountain Surrounded With Tea Plantations! Delicious Breads Baked By A Handmade Stone Oven

20km to the north from Sanda city in Hyogo, a bakery 'Nora' is located at a mountain village 'Moshi' surrounded with tea plantations. Their nature yeast breads like works of pottery baked by a handmade stone oven are so delicious! You can enjoy tasty breads and tea grown in Moshi.


A Weekend Cafe Renovated From Old Post Office

A cafe and gallery renovated from a former post office built 70 years ago. It offers lunch of the local food and coffee and sweet that are popular in Kansai Region. Such as counter seats once used as a teller of post office, some parts are left as they were in the old days.


All Seats Are Special! A Café Restaurant You Can See The Ocean & Enjoy Awaji's Food

For travel in Awaji Island, a café with an ocean view is necessary, isn't it? Miele's special feature is an open deck facing to the Seto Inland Sea, and all seats are very close to the sea enough to hear the sounds of the waves. They prepare many kinds of Awaji Island dishes that are recommendable for lunch.


Legendary Specialty Food 'Kuja-yaki'

Cooked to be thick with ingredients in the stock soup of beef sinew, and roasted the surface to be crisp, then eat them mixed together. This is a restaurant 'Kuja-yaki' started. I can't stop my chopsticks and only one piece isn't enough! This is a specialty of Himeji now popular among the travelers from other countries.

Grill Eito

A Steak Restaurant Of Locally Grown Onions & Awaji Beef Picked By A Frank Head

A long-established steak restaurant loved by the local people. Awaji beef that grew in the great nature in Awaji Island and sweet onions. You can have them in a friendly atmosphere and make yourself at home.

Italy House

Enjoy 100% Of Kitano's Atmosphere! An Elegant Café At Italy House

Italy House has a very elegant café suggestive of a garden in Europe. I was surprised that such a world existed inside of a high wall. Anyway, because of it's Italy, cafe latte is a genuine one and we also enjoy many other coffee menus.

Kobe Nishimura Coffee Kitanozaka Shop

A Blissful Cup Of Coffee 'Nishimura Original Blend'

It's the best coffee I've ever had. Well balanced bitterness and sourness, and great aroma that stays in my memory for a long time. I, for sure, want to have it again. Nishimura is a long established coffee shop and has been particular about beans, roast, water and even cup.


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