Special Things To Do In hyogo

Special places to travel in hyogo Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




Tips By Travelers and Locals


A room filled with resort mood, and the nice ocean view from a large balcony as I forget the time passes. Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel is good for resort stay at a longed-for coastal town, Kobe.


This starbucks is in Awaji SA. And you can see the Akashi ocean view.


A perfect night cruise you can see the glittering town sight of Kobe, and go under the illuminated Akashi Ohashi Bridge which is the longest in the world. It's so supreme night view that I can declare having a date here must be perfect.


Byakugo-ji Temple in Tanba City, Hyogo Pref. The best season for viewing Japanese wisteria blossoms comes between the beginning and middle of May every year. During the festival, they lighten up and you can enjoy the fantastic and superb purple scenery.


They buy a whole head of Kobe cattle and process it by themselves, then offer the worldwide Kobe beef at a lower price than others. And, their French style is excellent with the fashionable town Kobe. Beef stew and dessert are also delicious!


The world heritage 'Himeji Castle' regains it's original beautiful white figure after a long time repairing. Japan boasts the unprecedented beautiful castle.


At Ankoku-ji Shrine is become crowded with people seeing the Japanese enkianthus trees in best season. The scenery cut out over the veranda is bright red like flames and overwhelm us sitting in front of that.


It's remodeled from a wooden two-storied house built in Meiji era. The building matches the townscape and retro designs of each rooms make comfortable moods.


Famous for the greatest breakfast in Japan, Hotel La Suite Kobe manages the bakery directly. Superb bread and buns made from particular wheat, water and salt produced in Hyogo Pref. Each one tastes like I eat them in a luxury hotel, and has surprising and original deliciousness.