Top Things To Do In hokkaido

We have great places in Hokkaido Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Hokkaido is famous for the great nature as the biggest prefecture, and located northernmost of Japan. Shikisai-no-oka known for colorful flower fields at Biei, Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no Sato famous as the largest sunflower field in Japan, Mt.Moiwa selected as one of Japan's New Three Best Night Views, Kami no Koike which is the miraculous clear pond, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as Jingisukan (mutton) and Sapporo Ramen, are also popular in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Things To Do

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Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park

A Hill Slope Is Tinged With Pink! One Hundred Thousand Square Meters Pink Carpet

Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park has a large hill slope tinged with deep pink and light pink. Sibazakura (moss pink) Festival is hold till May 6. The scenery seen from the top observatory is splendid! You can see the great panoramic view of moss pink.

Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no Sato (Sunflower Field)

No.1 In Japan! 1.5 Million Sunflowers In 23ha Hill

A huge hill of 23ha is covered with yellow. The scenery of 1.5 million sunflowers has become topic in Japan. Sunflower Festival is held until 8/20. Please come to the No.1 sunflower field in Japan!

Blue Pond

Japanese Larch Trees Standing On The Clear Sky Blue. A Miracle Pond Like A Gate To A Different Dimension Of Space

About 20 minutes from Biei Station by car. A solitary blue pond is miraculously made by human and nature. Water pooled in a disaster prevention dam and made this blue pond. The secret of it lies in the water ingredients.

Wind Garden

A Flower Garden With Flittering Butterfly

Wind Garden at New Furano Prince Hotel is a British garden that was used in a scene of TV drama. More than 400 kinds of flowers proudly bloom in each season. The gentle colors and the scenery of flittering butterflies and bees looks like a paradise!

Otaru Canal

A Beautiful Avenue Of Otaru Lighted By Candles

In the season of snow festival, the avenue leading to the Otaru Port is lighted beautifully by candles. These candles alight lovely at the roadsides make our hearts warm.

Shikotsu Lake

Beautiful Snow Statues Shining Fantastically In Only Winter

Shikotsu Lake in Hokkaido, though the festival held a limited period between January and February, many people come to see it.

Goryokaku Park

1600 Cherry Trees Come Into Full Bloom! Night Cherry Blossom Viewing At Goryokaku Park

A famous cherry blossom spot, Goryokaku Park in Hakodate. Around 1600 trees of Someiyoshino are wonderful painters of the star shaped castle site. It's lightened up at night and you can enjoy night cherry blossom viewing♪

Toyako Onsen Illumination Street

Illumination Tunnel of Four Hundred Thousand Lights Bulbs Shinning

A fantastic and shinning illumination tunnel. It's so romantic that it let me forget the cold.

Shiretoko Goko Lakes

A Bridge To The Sky! Panoramic View You Can Enjoy The Great Nature

An elevated wooden path to Ichi-ko Lake, one of the five lakes of Shiretoko. The 800 meters path seems to stretch beautifully to the sky, and the mountain range of Shiretoko and the Sea of Okhotsk are truly breathtaking scenery! Even small children use the path safely for it's barrier-free.

Rokka-tei 《Rokka Forest》

Rokka Forest Like An Open Wrapping Paper Of Rokka-tei!

Well, so beautiful… Rokka Forest is one of the Hokkaido Garden Path. The wrapping paper of Rokka-tei, the best souvenir of Hokkaido, is printed Tokachi Six Flowers drawn by Naoyuki Sakamoto. I took a deep breath in the lush forest with flowers surrounding the shop and museum.