Things To Do In hokkaido

Special Things To Do to travel in hokkaido Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

55 Things To Do [1-30]

Otaru Canal

◎A Beautiful Avenue Of Otaru Lighted By Candles

◎Gaslamps Lighting The Warehouses Are Nostalgic! Night Otaru Canal

◎Day And Night Of A Stone Warehouse

Shikotsu Lake

◎Beautiful Snow Statues Shining Fantastically In Only Winter

Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park

◎A Hill Slope Is Tinged With Pink! One Hundred Thousand Square Meters Pink Carpet

Goryokaku Park

◎1600 Cherry Trees Come Into Full Bloom! Night Cherry Blossom Viewing At Goryokaku Park

◎Lovely Collaboration With Snow Mountains! Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom At Goryokaku Park

Blue Pond

◎Japanese Larch Trees Standing On The Clear Sky Blue. A Miracle Pond Like A Gate To A Different Dimension Of Space

Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no Sato (Sunflower Field)

◎No.1 In Japan! 1.5 Million Sunflowers In 23ha Hill

Wind Garden

◎A Flower Garden With Flittering Butterfly

Oyunuma River Natural Footbath

◎Little Known Place In Noboribetsu! A Wild Natural Hot Spring River For Legs

Shiretoko Goko Lakes

◎Go Into The World Heritage Virgin Forest! Ground Pathways To See The Beautiful Lakes & Wildlife

◎A Bridge To The Sky! Panoramic View You Can Enjoy The Great Nature

Matsumae Park

◎About 10 Thousand Cherry Trees Proudly Blooming At Matsumae Park Located Above A Castle Town

Kamui Cape

◎Once The God's Land. A Cape Remains The Tragedy Of Prohibition Against Women Entry

Rokka-tei 《Rokka Forest》

◎Rokka Forest Like An Open Wrapping Paper Of Rokka-tei!

Ikushina Flower Garden

◎The Calm Sea Without Waves. Silver World Of Drift Ice Spreading To The Whole Surface

Biei Shrine

◎Hiding Hearts Make You Lucky In Love!

Mt.Moiwa (Mountaintop Observatory)

◎Japan's New Three Best Night Views! Observatory Of Mt.Moiwa Offering A Whole View Of Sapporo

Okhotsk Sea Ice Museum GIZA

◎Experience 20 Degrees Below Zero! You Can See And Touch The Real Drift Ices And Ice Bound Fish In Severe Cold Room

Atsuta Park Observatory, Lovers Sanctuary

◎Scenic Spot Of The Grand Coastline Of Hokkaido! The Observatory At Atsuta Park

Mt Rishirizan

◎The Northernmost Mt.Fuji Full Of Expressions

JR Hakodate Honsen Line

◎Hokkaido's Scenic Train Traveling Along The Outline Of The Land

Toyako Onsen Illumination Street

◎Illumination Tunnel of Four Hundred Thousand Lights Bulbs Shinning

Rebunto Island

◎Noble Flowers In The Northernmost! Japanese Edelweiss Growing In Colonies

Panoramic Flower Gardens Shikisai-no-oka

◎A Palette Of Earth Drawn By Flowers & Greens! Panoramic Flower Gardens

Kami no Koike Pond

◎A Miracle Pond Of Blue And Clear Endlessly

Resuke mountain (787m)

◎Mashu-Blue of Mashu Lake Seen from Top of the Risuke Mountain

Tokachi Ranch

◎Appeared In TV Drama 'Massan', Beautiful White Birches Standing In A Straight For 1.3km

Rebun Island

◎Largest Scale In Japan! The Great Nature In An Isolated Island At The North End

Shakotan Peninsula

◎The Sea Of Beautiful Shakotan Blue

Snow Museum

◎An Icy Corridor Like The World Of 'Frozen'

Mt. Asahidake

◎Like A Garden Gods Playing. Summer Asahi-dake Mountains With Blooming Alpine Plants

Doritsu Yumenomori Park

◎Empty-Handed OK! A Park You Can Play with Snows


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