Things To Do In hiroshima

Special Things To Do to travel in hiroshima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Itsukushima Shrine

The Vermilion Lacquered Shrine Built On the Sea Like Dragon Palace 'Ryugu Castle'

Hiroshima boasts as the World Cultural Heritage. The mystic and beautiful shrine building seems to float on the sea. It's one of the most beautiful historical facilities, so it will attract people all over the world.

Midwinter Itsukushima Srine. A Red Torii Gate Enveloped In A Mist

A red torii gate in the sunshine is of course nice, but misted Istukushima Shrine has an aura of divinity in midwinter. You can go to the torii gate closer by JR ferry than others.

Sensuijima Island

A Seaside Promenade with One of the Best Ocean Views in Setouchi

Sensui Island is 6km in circumference and you get there in 5 minutes from Tomonoura by a ferryboat. The island is said that it is so beautiful enough to a hermit is fascinated and has a seaside promenade with one of the best ocean views in Setouchi. So, you can enjoy seeing the ocean view and powerful craggy place while walking.

The Five Colors Rock that is Only One in Japan and a Spiritual Place for Eternal Happiness

The five colors rock is only here in Japan. The place collects power of heaven and earth and become energetic and spiritual power spot.


The Old but Good Scenery Even the Hollywood is enamored

Here is the scene of Studio Ghibli's "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea" . I think this scenery attracts the people all over the world.

The Fascinating Alleys and Retro Port Town Which has the Historical Buildings.

There are some cultural assets and the historical buildings remainds in this retro town. Shopping and walking on many alleys will be fun like timeslip travel!

Kousanji Museum

A Temple Became A Museum! Japan's Registered Tangible Cultural Properties Colored By Beautiful Flowers & Trees

Kousanji has some tangible cultural properties that were modeled on famous Nikko Tosho-gu. Now, it opens as a museum, and you can enjoy the artistic world with stunning flowers and trees.

'The Hill Of Hope', A Photogenic Marble Art Looked Attractive With Seto Inland Sea

At Ikuchi Island of Shimanami Coastal Road, Kousanji Museum has a white and huge marble art created by a sculptor active in Italy. Enjoy the photogenic space with the island's beautiful scenery.

Fukuzenji Temple Taichoro

The Superb View that is Admired as the Best one in Japan

The room was a guest house for VIPs from abroad. The Korean emissary admired the superb view as the most beautiful from Korea eastward. An admission fee is 200 Yen.

Ookuno-shima Island

Rabbits & Ruins!? A Rabbit Island

Ookuno-shima is a small island in Seto Inland Sea. The island has a shadowy past that left a storehouse of poison gas and an electric power plant, but also has a bright side that over 700 rabbits welcome the visitors to the island. It's a precious island that is rare in the world.


No Window Nor Wall. The View From A Cypress Stage The Winds Blowing Through

The architecture of the observatory without any windows nor wall is worth seeing, but all said and done, it's a precious place where you can see the Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome by the same way as birds. Why don't you see Hiroshima city and Miyajima and think about the importance of peace?

Mt. Misen

A Mountain Top Open Space With Big And Small Rocks lying Like Statues

After getting a enough exercise to climb up the mountain path. The superb view of Setouchi is of course, the open space with mysterious and artistic rocks you will be moved.

Hirobumi Ito (The First Premier) Admired. A Moving 360 Degree Panoramic View

According to the Hirobumi Ito's words, ' the true value of Miyajima lies in the view from the top of Misen mountain'. Such a superb view is waiting, please climb up the mountain top. It's worth seeing.

Itsukushima Srine's Five Storied Pagoda

Find Your Favorite View Of Five Storied Pagoda In Miyajima

This is the 7th oldest one among 22 five-storied pagodas that exists now in Japan. The beautiful red lacquered figure is a symbol of Miyajima the same as Torii of Itsukushima Shrine. You can see it from any places for it stands on a hill, so let's find your favorite scene!

Kiezu no Reikado

Miracle Flame Burning For Over 1200 Years! As A Lover's Sanctuary

The flame used for the training by a priest Kukai continues to burn even now. It's a lucky place for lovers and was acknowledged as a sanctuary in 2009. And the water in the caldron is said to have an power for any diseases.

Municipal Ferry Irohamaru

A Superb View Cruise by the Restored Iroha-Maru that is Connected with Sakamoto Ryoma

Iroha-maru is got aboard by Kaien-tai Ryoma commanded. It's just a short time ferryboat to Sensui island, but like a dreaming cruise.


Tasteful Sceneries Of Miyajima Different From The Four Cardinal Points

Standing at the hill top and a good place to view the scenery. You can see the whole of Itsukushima Shrine and the sea. And cherry blossoms in Spring! I think here's one of the best places to view the sceneries in Miyajima.

Unfinished Important Cultural Asset For The Size Of 857 Pieces Tatami Mat

Because of the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, the building is unfinished. The lights coming from all quarters into the solemn air make a sense of freedom.

Senko-ji Temple

A Tranquil Temple Standing With Full Blooming Cherries

In the middle of April. The time of cherries in full-bloom, I visited Onomichi for the first time. I took time to look the shrine and then, I took pictures of the cherry blossoms as soon as I found this scene.

5-Story Pagoda

A Gorgeous Symbol Of Miyajima, A Five Storied Pagoda

Because it's built on a small hill overlooks the Itsukushima Shrine, the five storied pagoda looks higher and like a symbol of beautiful Miyajima. In spring, the scenery of sky blue, cherry blossom pink and vermilion represents the beauty of Japan.

Fukuyama Castle

A Castle You Can Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing Under The Sun

I found a big castle in the north of Fukuyama Station and then I got off a train immediately. Luckily, it was in the season of full blooming cherries and I could take some photos.


Spring Scene Only In Miyajima

Pink blossoms celebrate the coming of spring at the riverside. Sujikai Bridge is a representative spot for seeing the spring Miyajima. These days, I think I'm happy to be a Japanese, a deer said.

Hiroshima Castle

The Hiroshima Castle with a lot of minus ions that is One of Japan's Top 100 Castles

The Hiroshima castle which is one of Japan's top 100 castles is near the Hiroshima station and beautiful large ground with many trees and minus ions.

The Panorama of Hiroshima From the Dungeon of the Castle

The view of the castle's moat and Hiroshima city are beautiful. Inside the dungeon is a museum of the history of Hiroshima Castle.