Things To Do In hiroshima

Special Things To Do to travel in hiroshima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




16 Things To Do [1-16]

Itsukushima Shrine
The Vermilion Lacquered Shrine Built On the Sea Like Dragon Palace 'Ryugu Castle'/Midwinter Itsukushima Srine. A Red Torii Gate Enveloped In A Mist
The Old but Good Scenery Even the Hollywood is enamored/The Fascinating Alleys and Retro Port Town Which has the Historical Buildings.
Kousanji Museum
'The Hill Of Hope', A Photogenic Marble Art Looked Attractive With Seto Inland Sea/A Temple Became A Museum! Japan's Registered Tangible Cultural Properties Colored By Beautiful Flowers & Trees
Sensuijima Island
A Seaside Promenade with One of the Best Ocean Views in Setouchi/The Five Colors Rock that is Only One in Japan and a Spiritual Place for Eternal Happiness
Mt. Misen
A Mountain Top Open Space With Big And Small Rocks lying Like Statues/Hirobumi Ito (The First Premier) Admired. A Moving 360 Degree Panoramic View
No Window Nor Wall. The View From A Cypress Stage The Winds Blowing Through
Ookuno-shima Island
Rabbits & Ruins!? A Rabbit Island
Kiezu no Reikado
Miracle Flame Burning For Over 1200 Years! As A Lover's Sanctuary
Fukuzenji Temple Taichoro
The Superb View that is Admired as the Best one in Japan
Municipal Ferry Irohamaru
A Superb View Cruise by the Restored Iroha-Maru that is Connected with Sakamoto Ryoma
Senko-ji Temple
A Tranquil Temple Standing With Full Blooming Cherries
5-Story Pagoda
A Gorgeous Symbol Of Miyajima, A Five Storied Pagoda
Spring Scene Only In Miyajima
Fukuyama Castle
A Castle You Can Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing Under The Sun
Tasteful Sceneries Of Miyajima Different From The Four Cardinal Points/Unfinished Important Cultural Asset For The Size Of 857 Pieces Tatami Mat
Hiroshima Castle
The Hiroshima Castle with a lot of minus ions that is One of Japan's Top 100 Castles/The Panorama of Hiroshima From the Dungeon of the Castle

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