Foods & Restaurants In hiroshima

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in hiroshima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



Used For Locations For TV Plays. A Fashionable Warehouse Facing To Seto Inland Sea

Nice holidays in Onomichi. 'Onomichi U2' is a complex of a hotel, restaurant and café. The redecorated terrace offers the view of calm Seto Inland Sea. You can spend fashionable and calm holidays in Onomichi♪

Hiroshima Style Italian Food At A Seaside Fashionable Warehouse

A fashionable warehouse 'ONOMICHI U2' just in front of the Seto Inland Sea. At this hot spot, have appeared in some TV plays, you can savor Italian of Hiroshima's foodstuffs such as local lemon pizza and Setouchi seafood pasta.


Tai-Chazuke, a Bowl of Rice and Soup Topped with a Sea Bream

This restaurant's special is sea breams. I think I can eat the bowl of Tai-Chazuke forever for it's light but has an elegant flavor of sea breams.

The Specialty Deluxe Sea Bream Mixed With Rice that is Delicious and Substantial

I recommend the 'Taimeshi Deluxe' when you want to eat a sea bream mixed with rice in Tomonoura. It looked too much for me but I could eat all of them instantly because it was so delicious. Not only Taimeshi, sashimi was also nice.

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

Very Fresh! A Shopping District Of Fresh Oysters Caught In The Sea Of Miyajima

Let's drop in Omotesando shopping district on your way home from Itsukushima Shrine. Various shops show the local specialties on the front. Among them, fresh oyster caught in Miyajima is delicious! You cannot miss Miyajima oysters when you visit Hiroshima.


The Exquisite Conger-Rice 'Hitsumushi' that is Famous in Hiroshima

The Hitsumushi is a specialty meal of restaurant 'Takotsubo' at lunch. The exquisite meal is conger and rice steamed in a wooden container called 'Ohitsu' with green onions, laver and wasabi. You can choose conger or eel and I think conger is lighter.

Syukaen Matsunaga Store

A Thick Soup of Chicken Bones and Soy Sause. That's Onomichi Ramen

Shukaen is a famous restaurant for Onomichi ramen and people make line to eat the ramen. The soup with punch and flat noodle are the traditional. In Matsunaga is less crowded than the head shop. Moreover people say the Matsunaga shop is the most delicious.

Tomonoura @ café

150 Years Old Japanese Style House Remodeled Into the Nostalgic Café in Tomo-no-Ura

The café is in front of the stone night lamp. We can enjoy enough the nostalgic atmosphere watching the Tomo-no-ura bay.


Resort Italian Restaurant With an Admirable View

Spreading ocean view of Setouchi, a pool, and superb Italian food using the local foodstuffs.

Dessert Time Having After Change to the Special Seats With a Superb View

This is a Italian restaurant in the hotel, they arranged for me to have a special seat in the terrace and see the wonderful view during my dessert time. I had a very good time and ate it perfectly. (persimmon panna cotta)

Onfunayado Iroha

The Cafe in Rebirthed Japanese Old Building that is Designed by Hayao Miyazaki Who is the Famous Animated Filmmaker

The cafe has the essence of Miyazaki Hayao such as stained glass whose films attracted many people.

The Original Pickled Sea Bream of Iroha that is One of the Most Superb Dishes in Tomonoura

The superb food is sea bream grown in the Setouchi sea pickled in kelp and Japanese Sake. I was surprised at unique rich taste.

Hassho Main Shop

One of the Best! Can't Talk about Hiroshima-yaki If You Have not Eaten It.

The Hiroshima-yaki uses high quality wheat, many cabbages, meats, grilled noodle mixed with eggs. It is soul food of locals and one of the best Hiroshima-yaki in Hiroshima, I ate one 'Sobanikutama'.


Take Breath With Great View. Miyajima's Scenic Café

KAKIWAI, located on a hill beyond the alley, has very wonderful open scenery! The cheese cake made from locally grown lemon is pulpy and delicious with its refreshing sweetness. Not only sweets, they prepare oyster dishes and alcoholic drinks.

Miyajima Syokudo

All Star Seafood In Miyajima. Conger Eel's Bara-chirashi

Oyster, conger eel, and octopus you can eat all together. And good tastes of the seafood is excellent with the vinegared rice. Bara-chirashi is a kind of sushi.

Melting Oyster Tempura Full Of Seaweeds Flavor And Oyster Minerals

Before you eat the tempura, seaweeds smells good and the oyster extracts spreads in the mouth full. It's a superb oyster tempura, kaki-ten.

Anago-meshi UENO

Freshly Grilled Soft Anago-meshi, A Specialty Of Hiroshima

This restaurant 'UENO' is a birth place of Anago-meshi (conger eel & rice) that was sold as a box lunch at a railroad station. Its box lunch is famous, but what is more, you can eat freshly grilled and juicy one if you visit the restaurant. I couldn't stop eating for its delicious flavor!


This Is The Okonomi-yaki!! Hiroshima Style With Big Oysters

It looks very big, and I was surprised at the big oysters. But, to tell the truth, I ate up completely. Why? Because it's delicious!! You can eat in a flash!

Miyajima no Kakikun

Miyajima Oyster Gratin Covered With Just Grilled Cheese

Delicious! You should try the local gourmet when you get tired of usual way to eat oyster. What a revolutionary oyster it is!