Foods & Restaurants In hiroshima

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in hiroshima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

14 Foods & Restaurants [1-14]


◎Used For Locations For TV Plays. A Fashionable Warehouse Facing To Seto Inland Sea

◎Local Beef That Only A Few People Know! Grilled 'Taoshita Beef' Grown In Takehara Of Hiroshima

◎Hiroshima Style Italian Food At A Seaside Fashionable Warehouse


◎The Exquisite Conger-Rice 'Hitsumushi' that is Famous in Hiroshima

Hassho Main Shop

◎One of the Best! Can't Talk about Hiroshima-yaki If You Have not Eaten It.


◎The Specialty Deluxe Sea Bream Mixed With Rice that is Delicious and Substantial

◎Tai-Chazuke, a Bowl of Rice and Soup Topped with a Sea Bream

Miyajima Syokudo

◎All Star Seafood In Miyajima. Conger Eel's Bara-chirashi

◎Miyajima's Specialty, Broiled Conger Eel Soaked With Thick Sweetened Sauce

◎Melting Oyster Tempura Full Of Seaweeds Flavor And Oyster Minerals

Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

◎Very Fresh! A Shopping District Of Fresh Oysters Caught In The Sea Of Miyajima

Tomonoura @ café

◎150 Years Old Japanese Style House Remodeled Into the Nostalgic Café in Tomo-no-Ura

Onfunayado Iroha

◎The Cafe in Rebirthed Japanese Old Building that is Designed by Hayao Miyazaki Who is the Famous Animated Filmmaker

◎The Original Pickled Sea Bream of Iroha that is One of the Most Superb Dishes in Tomonoura

◎Local Specialty Dish of Fukuyama 'Tai Uzumi' whose Flavor is Hidden in a Purposeful Manner

Syukaen Matsunaga Store

◎A Thick Soup of Chicken Bones and Soy Sause. That's Onomichi Ramen


◎Take Breath With Great View. Miyajima's Scenic Café


◎Resort Italian Restaurant With an Admirable View

◎Dessert Time Having After Change to the Special Seats With a Superb View


◎This Is The Okonomi-yaki!! Hiroshima Style With Big Oysters

Miyajima no Kakikun

◎Miyajima Oyster Gratin Covered With Just Grilled Cheese

Anago-meshi UENO

◎Freshly Grilled Soft Anago-meshi, A Specialty Of Hiroshima


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