Special Things To Do In gifu

Special places to travel in gifu Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



Tips By Travelers and Locals


This is a rare part of Hida beef. With a sweet special sauce, quality Hida beef tastes beyond superb but dangerous!


Large bathrooms that spread to two floors has most kinds in Hida as well as the great view of the Japan North Alps. Indoor ones, and baths made from stones and Japanese cypress for outside baths, and pot bath…you can enjoy the humectant hot spring water by many various moods.


Deep in Shirakawa-go Village, a temple of a mysterious appearance. A main temple, a priest's house and a bell tower all have 'Gassyo (steep roof looking like to put hands flat together in prayer)' structure, and that's the only one in Japan. These buildings with 'Gassyo' pose seem to pray for the village, and the scenery is beautiful beyond comparison.


The tickets are sold out in a few minutes and tourists come from all over the world. It is one of the representative winter event in Japan. Living World Heritage where the villagers live is enveloped in lights.


At Miyagawa morning fair, the line catches our eyes here. Hida Takayama Pudding, that has won MONDE SELECTION, is offered as 'hot pudding' in only cold season. Warmed in hot water, it becomes melting, rich custard and caramel becomes savory… you must eat it even if you have to wait!


Japan's No.1 rice 'Gin no Mikazuki'. I was first surprised at the big grain of rice in the pot! Mixed with egg, the feeing to the tongue and taste of big grains become more strong. You can eat this in its producing place, Hida, then you will eat whole in the pot.


Registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site, Shirakawa-go Village is popular among not only Japanese but also sightseers from foreign countries. The landscape of beautiful gassho frame (steep roof) houses that also have a function to pass the snowy winter is magnificent in a word.


《250 Best Hotels & Ryokan At Popular Hot Spring Destricts》This five-star hotel has also starred view from private rooms. The countryside of Hida that gives the seasonal senses to its view and whole view of the Japan North Alps behind the town of Takayama. The time to see the panoramic snowscape on the chair in warm room, is luxury!


Many various sake breweries get together, and you can visit one by one to taste their original sake. Feeling the good flavor and deep taste of sake prepared in winter, I was very surprised the differences of these tastes! Selections of each sake brewery will make your both hands full in no time.


A museum that condenses and reproduces the old village of Hida Takayama. The winter illuminations is held from the middle of January to the end of February. The illuminations light gently the snow lying on the pond and houses, waterdrops of icicles and trees shine like crystals. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.