Things To Do In fukushima

Special Things To Do to travel in fukushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

13 Things To Do [1-13]

Goshikinuma Lakes

◎The Superb View of Viridity in Goshikinuma Lakes, Let's Go Seeing this Blue Pond as Beautiful as the Famous Blue Lake in Biei

◎Entirely Different Colors From Every Lake

Shiramizu Amidado

◎Kind of Paradise! Lighted Up Shiramizu Amidadou and Fresh Green

Drooping Cherry-Tree at Kassenba

◎The Season Of One Cherry Tree Blooming! A Weeping Cherry In Full Bloom


◎Star Festival is Coming Soon! The Gateway to Oze, Hinoemata Village is Capable of Viewing the Milky Way and Innumerable Stars in the Sky

Goshikinuma Lakes, Bishamon Lake

◎Only One Japanese Maple Tree Stands by the Goshikinuma Lake Turning Red in Late Autumn

Ouchi Juku

◎Time Travel To Edo Period! A Post Station Town With History Of Southern Aizu

British Hills

◎Like A World Of Downton Abbey! Genuine Britain Stay In Fukushima

Iritono River

◎Let's Go To See Wild Fireflies Dancing In The Dark! Genji Firefly Living In Iritono River

Lake Hibara

◎The Summer Milky Way Above The Lake Hibara At Urabandai

Iwaki Gallery Museum

◎Flying Swing You Can Feel Like Heidi And Being United With Nature

Natsuisenbonzakura (Cherry Tree)

◎Top Season is Coming! Natsui Thousand Cherry Blossoms in Ono Town

Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Tree)

◎Miharu-Takizakura Cherry Tree in Full Blow

Oze National Park

◎Spring Oze With Blooming Skunk Cabbages


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