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Special Things To Do to travel in fukushima Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


Shiramizu Amidado

Kind of Paradise! Lighted Up Shiramizu Amidadou and Fresh Green

This light up event is held in the season of fresh green. Shiramizu Amidadou was built to imitate the Shrine in Hiraizumi 1200 years ago, and only the national treasure in Fukushima.

Drooping Cherry-Tree at Kassenba

The Season Of One Cherry Tree Blooming! A Weeping Cherry In Full Bloom

I introduce 'a weeping cherry tree in the battle site' in Fukushima, a Mecca of cherry trees standing alone. In this area, Miharu-taki cherry is famous though, its grandchild is this weeping cherry. I want you to visit here after seeing Miharu-taki cherry. Here's said to be a battle site of the old sanurais.


Star Festival is Coming Soon! The Gateway to Oze, Hinoemata Village is Capable of Viewing the Milky Way and Innumerable Stars in the Sky

Hinoemata village is a good location for seeing milky way because it is surrounded by high mountains and so dark. Why don’t you look for your favorite observasion spot?

Goshikinuma Lakes

The Superb View of Viridity in Goshikinuma Lakes, Let's Go Seeing this Blue Pond as Beautiful as the Famous Blue Lake in Biei

The Goshikinuma lakes is famous for the beautiful colored leaves in autumn. Furthermore the contrast between the green of viridity and the blue of lake in summer is wonderful. The wind and viridity tempt you to visit here, let's go!

Entirely Different Colors From Every Lake

There are about 300 lakes in Goshiki-numa and its various colors attract people. Changing sceneries with the seasons are also attractive.

Goshikinuma Lakes, Bishamon Lake

Only One Japanese Maple Tree Stands by the Goshikinuma Lake Turning Red in Late Autumn

There is only one maple tree by Bisyamon Lake. In fact, this maple turns its color later than the other! It annually turns red in the end of October. The north part of Fukushima's colored leaves have reached a peak just now. Why don't you visit Fukushima to watch the beautiful trees?

Tadami Line

Beautiful Local Railway! Tadami Line In Winter

JR Tadami Line is most beautiful in winter! It snows a lot in January and February every year. So, you should travel in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture, to see this Tadami Line!

British Hills

Like A World Of Downton Abbey! Genuine Britain Stay In Fukushima

Britain exists in Fukushima! It's a destination to experience British culture, and staffs and buildings are all British. Ordinary people can look inside, stay and use the facility. I was totally fascinated by the beautiful buildings and staffs… It naturally makes us want to speak in English!

Iritono River

Let's Go To See Wild Fireflies Dancing In The Dark! Genji Firefly Living In Iritono River

Wild fireflies are reduced since the environment is getting worse. I want many people to see them because we don't know when they are going to disappear. I write this city's pride for such a wish!


Time Travel To Edo Period! A Post Station Town With History Of Southern Aizu

A main road with more than 30 houses of thatched roof is an important traffic point that connects Aizu and Nikko. You can look inside the biggest post station, eat a specialty 'Negi-soba noodle' and so on. Why don't you walk around the historical calm town surrounded by mountains?

Miharu Takizakura (Cherry Tree)

Miharu-Takizakura Cherry Tree in Full Blow

The Miharu-Takizakura cherry tree is one of the 3 best one in Japan and more than 1000 years old. I recommend visiting in the early morning because the place will be crowded after ten.

Aizu Region

Snowy Aizu Region With Nature And Lives Crossing Each Other

Cherry blossoms in spring, green and blue sky in summer and autumn colored mountains are beautiful of course, but I think the most beautiful season is winter when the snow covers the town and nature and lives cross each other. You can find your favorite Aizu that can be found by only you!

Lake Hibara

The Summer Milky Way Above The Lake Hibara At Urabandai

The Star Festival's coming soon! I introduce the observatory for the Milky Way. The beautiful starry sky spreads above around the Lake Hibara. Especially, you can see the superb view of Mt.Bandai, Lake Hibara and the Milky Way from Shirabu Pass, driving on the road named Nishiazuma Sky Valley. Why don't you visit Kitashiobara village on a fine day?

Natsuisenbonzakura (Cherry Tree)

Top Season is Coming! Natsui Thousand Cherry Blossoms in Ono Town

Natsui thousand cherry blossoms known as a late flowering cherry is now the best season. Thousands of cherry blossoms flowers along the Natsui River make the wonderful scenery. In the night, you can enjoy the illuminated trees.

Iwaki Gallery Museum

Flying Swing You Can Feel Like Heidi And Being United With Nature

A lesser known place that even a few local people know. Pictures drawn by elementary school students in Iwaki city are exhibited at this small museum in the wood. And, going through the museum, there're swings hung on trees! Both two swings command nice view.



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