Things To Do In fukuoka

Special Things To Do to travel in fukuoka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

13 Things To Do [1-13]

Sakurai Futamigaura

◎A Sunset Spot In Fukuoka! A Sacred Torii Gate Standing On The Shore

◎A Pair Of Rocks And The Sun Set

Mekari Park 2nd Observation Platform

◎A Romantic Observation Platform For The Night View Of Kanmon Bridge Of Two Provinces

Nanzo-in Temple

◎Surprising The Size! The Biggest Bronze Statue Of Reclining Buddha

Sumiyoshi Shrine

◎Very Effective!? Good Luck Of The Oldest Sumiyoshi Shrine

Yanagawa River

◎Going Down a River Around a City of Water to Spend a Slow Time

Mojiko Harbor Retro

◎The Retro Seaport Loved by Einstein


◎A Mystery of a Shrine Where Empress Jingu Got a Oracle of the Conquest of Three Dynasties in Old Korea

Munakatataisya Shrine

◎The Beauty of a Shrine of Three Goddesses


◎Holding a Frame of 'Enemies Surrender' And God's Dignity Enough to Make a Divine Wind

Ohori Park

◎An Urban Oasis Many People And Runners Resting Day and Night


◎A Shrine a God of Learning Sugawara no Michizane Sleeps

◎A Natural Treasure Huge Camphor Tree

Old Moji Mitsui Club

◎Very Solemn Air in the Mitsui Bussan Social Club Built in The Taisyo Period

Fukuoka Tower

◎The Most Highest Seaside Tower in Japan


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