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We have great places in Fukuoka Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Fukuoka is famous for an entertainment district Hakata and delicious foods, and located north of Kyusyu Region. To begin with Kawachi Wisteria Garden admired from overseas, Dazaifutenmangu cerebrated as a god of learning, Sakurai Futamigaura with beautiful sunset view, and romantic port town Moji, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as Hakata Ramen and Motsunabe, are also popular in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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Mekari Park 2nd Observation Platform

A Romantic Observation Platform For The Night View Of Kanmon Bridge Of Two Provinces

At Moji, a gateway to Kyushu province, Yukari Park has a observation platform for free. You can see the illuminations of Kanmon Bridge and Shimonoseki city in Honshu province over the bridge.

Kawachi Wisteria Garden

Shining Wisteria Tunnel Makes Anyone Fascinated

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is selected as one of 'Japan's Most Beautiful Places' By CNN in the United States, and many people from all over the world come to visit. The biggest highlight is a wisteria tunnel! You can walk under the colorful wisteria, and it will make you excited♡ The wisteria dome and rare kinds of flower are also worth seeing!

Nanzo-in Temple

Surprising The Size! The Biggest Bronze Statue Of Reclining Buddha

Nanzoin temple has the biggest bronze Nehan Statue in the world. Surprisingly, it's 11m high, 41m wide and weighs 300t.

Sakurai Futamigaura

A Sunset Spot In Fukuoka! A Sacred Torii Gate Standing On The Shore

On the shore of Itoshima, a big torii gate stands in front of the 'meoto-iwa', a pair of rocks like man and wife. The combination of the setting sun and torii is very photogenic, but even in the daytime I recommend, you can feel the sacred atmosphere here in this spiritual power spot.

Mojiko (Moji Port) Retro Area

The Retro Seaport Loved by Einstein

Many buildings in the Taisho periods remain and use modern ones here in the retro seaport. The town is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Fukuoka, because there are many delicious foods like burnt curry and rice, and events like globefish cuisine.

Yanagawa River

Going Down a River Around a City of Water to Spend a Slow Time

Seeing a tasteful castle town, you can go around a moat on a donko boat. What with going through a narrow waterway and visiting stalls on water, about 70 minutes boat trip is full of good points to see.


A Shrine a God of Learning Sugawara no Michizane Sleeps

Dazaihu Tenman Gu Shrine is a spiritual power spot many students come from all over japan for success in examinations.

Sumiyoshi Shrine

Very Effective!? Good Luck Of The Oldest Sumiyoshi Shrine

It's the oldest shrine of the 2129 Sumiyoshi Shrines in Japan. There're eight historic shrines except for the main shrine in the large sight. Moving around these eight for better fortune is also well known.

Shiraito Waterfall

Dynamic Waterfall Dropping Many Stages

Shiraito Waterfall is located at the middle of Hagane Mountain at Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture. It has a dynamic dropping through many stages, and also brings the coolness in summer as a refreshing place.

Munakatataisya Shrine

The Beauty of a Shrine of Three Goddesses

The Grand Shrine of Munakata is a general term for Hetsu Shrine in Munakata, Nakatsu Shrine in O-shima Island, and Okitsu Shrine in Okino-shima Island. Goddesses of a sea route between Korean Peninsula, that is say three goddesses of Munakata (Tagori-hime no kami, Tagitsu-hime no kami, Ichikishima-hime no kami) are deified and it is the head shrine of over 7000 Munakata Shrines in Japan.


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