Foods & Restaurants In fukuoka

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in fukuoka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.




9 Foods & Restaurants [1-9]

Wooden Decorations Put Around the Starbucks Direct Like a World in a Different Dimension
Its Cost Performance and Freshness Rises Above Others. Full of Special Selected Foodstuffs
A superb Grilled Chicken Skin You Must Eat In Hakata
Debut in Japan!! Luxurious Cinema Restaurant
You Can Eat Only In Fukuoka. Kaiten-manju In The Shape Of A Famous Cake 'HIYOKO'
I Choose ShinShin As The New Age Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen!
Necessary In Hakata! Yatai (Stalls) That Make Your Stomachs And Minds Full
Must Reserve the Stew of Giblets that Even Women Can Eat Easily
A Hidden Detached Italian Restaurant which Reminds Us A Dining Room In European Countryside