Foods & Restaurants In fukuoka

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in fukuoka Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

9 Foods & Restaurants [1-9]

Starbucks Dazaifutenmangu Omotesando Store

◎Wooden Decorations Put Around the Starbucks Direct Like a World in a Different Dimension

Hyotan Zushi

◎Its Cost Performance and Freshness Rises Above Others. Full of Special Selected Foodstuffs


◎A superb Grilled Chicken Skin You Must Eat In Hakata

Premium Dining Cinema

◎Debut in Japan!! Luxurious Cinema Restaurant

Hakata Hinanoyaki

◎You Can Eat Only In Fukuoka. Kaiten-manju In The Shape Of A Famous Cake 'HIYOKO'


◎I Choose ShinShin As The New Age Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen!

Street Stalls at Tenjin

◎Necessary In Hakata! Yatai (Stalls) That Make Your Stomachs And Minds Full

Hakata Motsunabe Yamanaka Akasakaten

◎Must Reserve the Stew of Giblets that Even Women Can Eat Easily


◎A Hidden Detached Italian Restaurant which Reminds Us A Dining Room In European Countryside


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