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Special Things To Do to travel in fukuoka-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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Sumiyoshi Shrine

Very Effective!? Good Luck Of The Oldest Sumiyoshi Shrine

It's the oldest shrine of the 2129 Sumiyoshi Shrines in Japan. There're eight historic shrines except for the main shrine in the large sight. Moving around these eight for better fortune is also well known.


A Mystery of a Shrine Where Empress Jingu Got a Oracle of the Conquest of Three Dynasties in Old Korea

There are up to three thousand of oral traditions in Kyusyu, specially in the coast of Genkai Sea is said to be the central. Enshrined on Kashii Beach In Hakata Bay, Kashii Shrine is where the Empress of Emperor Chuai got the oracle of conquest of three dynasties of Korea. A great mystery of old Japan was kept there.


Holding a Frame of 'Enemies Surrender' And God's Dignity Enough to Make a Divine Wind

On the Hakozaki seaside of Hakata Bay, Hakozaki shrine is the first shrine in Chikuzen (the old name of Fukuoka). In Kamakura era, when the Mongol Invasions were occurred, it is said that a divine wind blew and they overcame the unprecedented difficulties.

Ohori Park

An Urban Oasis Many People And Runners Resting Day and Night

There are playground equipment of curse, a museum and well repaired road for runners. A café and a restaurant stands in the park sight. A popular place of recreation and relaxation.

Fukuoka Tower

The Most Highest Seaside Tower in Japan

It's the symbol of Fukuoka and 234m seaside tower is the highest. From the observatory you can see the romantic and imposing panoramic view of 360 degree.