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We have great places in Fukui Prefecture that were posted by travelers and the locals who have actually traveled there. Fukui is famous for a scenic rock wall of Tojinbo, and located southwest of Hokuriku Region. To begin with Tojinbo's thrilling and moving scenery, Katsuyama Dinosaur Park at a fossil town Katsuyama, 2 kilometers cherry blossom street of Asuwa River, are all things to do here. What's more, the local specialty foods, such as Echizen Crab and Boruga Rice, are also popular in Fukui Prefecture.

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Katsuyama Dinosaur Park

Going Back Ancient Times?! Huge Dinosaurs In The Woods

Katsuyama, Fukui is proud of the biggest number of fossils in Japan. Katsuyama Dino Park, you can meet the dinosaurs in the real sizes. Entering the woods, dinosaur's voices hear from somewhere, and you feel like being the age of them.

Gotanjo-ji Temple

Pretty Cats, Beautiful Lotus Flowers. A Comfortable 'CatTemple' With Human Kindness

About 2 hours from Nagoya or Kyoto. Near Takefu Interchange of Hokuriku Freeway, there's a temple of Soto sect. Cats living here are protected carefully by members of the temple and cat-lovers. Please don't make noises and go after, but you can see them and feel relieved.

Hanahasu Park

Faint Fragrances In The Early Morning Air! Beautiful Blooming Lotus Flowers

Minami Echizen Cho is proud of the biggest number of lotus flower production in Japan. In the large garden of 3300㎡, they grown 130 kinds of lotus flowers. The best season of blooming flowers is the beginning of July. In this season, a good fragrances of lotus flowers envelop the garden in the early morning.


Weak At The Knees! A Rock Wall Made By The Sea Of Japan

Tojinbo is one of the popular spots in Fukui. 20 meters columnar joint facing to the Sea of Japan is the wonderful modeling of nature. You must feel weak at the knees when you stand on the edge.

Rainbow Line

Love Padlock At The Sky Garden Overlooking The Beautiful Mikata Five Lakes

Mikata Five Lakes is designated in the Ramsar Convention. Rainbow Line Park in the mountain top is known as a love sanctuary, and you can lock your love and have a fine view.

Karikomi-ike Pond

Red, Yellow & Orange On The Water Surface! Fukui's Proud Place For Autumn Foliage

Best viewing season is between the end of October and the beginning of November. After you enjoy a light trekking, a breathtaking beautiful scenery of colorful foliage waits for you.

Asuwa River

Japan's Largest Scale Of Lighted Cherry Blossoms

At the same time as Fukui Sakura Festival, the row of cherry blossom trees beside Asuwa River is very much talked about as the largest scale of cherry blossom tunnel, which is 2,2 km long and has 600 sakura trees. You can walk along the illuminated cherry blossoms and under the fantastic pink tunnel at night.

Eiheiji Temple

Impressive Hall As Large As 156 Pieces Of Tatami, Filled With 230 Ceiling Pictures

Eiheiji is a place of Zen monastic practice with over 700 years history. A big hall named Sanshokaku, which has another name 'Hall Of Ceiling Picture', is as large as 156 pieces of tatami-mat, and filled with 230 pieces of ceiling pictures of flowers, birds, and so on.

Ichijodani Asakura Site

Spring In A Castle Town Once Had Flourished For 103 Years

In Ichijodani surrounded with rich nature, Asakura Site is a castle town where five generations of Asakura Family had ruled the Echizen Region for 103 years during the age of wars. In the restored town, you can enjoy walking around and seeing the old-time architectures like samurai houses.


Barbecue Fresh Fish Caught In A Mountain Stream

Yamame and nijimasu, kinds of trout, and char, you can do fishing in a mountain stream or grasp in your hand. There're facilities for barbecue and you can enjoy the fish you catch of course, and buy the foodstuffs like meat and yakisoba noodle. Here's a spot you can enjoy a whole day in the nature.


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