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8 Things To Do [1-8]

Fukui Dinosaur Museum
Going Back Ancient Times?! Huge Dinosaurs In The Woods/Largest Scale In Japan! Satisfies Grown-ups Enough! A Substantial Museum Of Dinosaurs
Gotanjo-ji Temple
Pretty Cats, Beautiful Lotus Flowers. A Comfortable 'CatTemple' With Human Kindness
Weak At The Knees! A Rock Wall Made By The Sea Of Japan
Rainbow Line
Love Padlock At The Sky Garden Overlooking The Beautiful Mikata Five Lakes
Karikomi-ike Pond
Red, Yellow & Orange On The Water Surface! Fukui's Proud Place For Autumn Foliage
Hanahasu Park
Faint Fragrances In The Early Morning Air! Beautiful Blooming Lotus Flowers
Nihonkai Sakanamachi
Fresh Fish You Can Buy At A Reasonable Prices

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