Things To Do In fukui

Special Things To Do to travel in fukui Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

8 Things To Do [1-8]

Fukui Dinosaur Museum

◎Going Back Ancient Times?! Huge Dinosaurs In The Woods

◎Largest Scale In Japan! Satisfies Grown-ups Enough! A Substantial Museum Of Dinosaurs

Gotanjo-ji Temple

◎Pretty Cats, Beautiful Lotus Flowers. A Comfortable 'CatTemple' With Human Kindness


◎Weak At The Knees! A Rock Wall Made By The Sea Of Japan

Rainbow Line

◎Love Padlock At The Sky Garden Overlooking The Beautiful Mikata Five Lakes

Karikomi-ike Pond

◎Red, Yellow & Orange On The Water Surface! Fukui's Proud Place For Autumn Foliage

Hanahasu Park

◎Faint Fragrances In The Early Morning Air! Beautiful Blooming Lotus Flowers

Nihonkai Sakanamachi

◎Fresh Fish You Can Buy At A Reasonable Prices


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