% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama

Coffee and espresso brewed by a skillful barista at a superb location facing to Arashiyama and Togetsu-kyo bridge. Beautiful cafe latte-art, % logo mark, and refined sense of taste for its counter style… all of them are so cool!

Dongree coffee stand & handicrafts for life

You can taste '五焙' (Go-bai) made from five kinds of coffee beans roasted by different shops in Kyoto city, at the same time. They grind coffee beans after taking order and pour over one by one. You can enjoy the differences of tastes at the most delicious states. It's also nice to be able to drink with the explanations in detail at a room with tatami floor.

knot café

It's opened as a knot of Kyoto and NY. They offer a coffee that you can drink only here, but what most ordered is nothing but Dashimaki Sandwich. Fluffy dashimaki is excellent with a bun baked by a popular bakery in Kyoto.


A worldwide chocolate shop 'JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN' was opened in Kyoto, as the first boutique flagship in Japan. You'll be surprised at the collaborations of unbelievable foodstuffs like maccha and shiro-miso! But, they are very delicious and getting into the news.

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge

This café, opened in April 2017, offers us the taste and mood of KIKUNOI casually. You can eat delicious sweets in the hospitality same as Ryotei and beautiful Japanese garden.

Kashi Kobo and Sweets Cafe KYOTO KEIZO

Though it looks an ordinary Mont Blanc, it's made of meringue almost all of it and has crunchy and fluffy feeling in mouth. Please eat it up in 10min before it lose its flavor and mouth feeling!


It's a flower shop café renovated from a pump hut that was used by the water department. In a room surrounded with flowers, I feel love in the food and sweet made from the heart. You can certainly have a great tea time here.


This is a café won popularity in Arashiyama. It's spacious and stylish, but the nostalgic water tap and towel has remained since the age of a public bath. You can eat some Kyoto food like 'Tohu Pasta' and sweets of maccha.

Time Dou

Such as foods and drinks of vegetables grown in Kyoto, and original tableware of Kyoto artists, you can feel what Kyoto is now at this café. Their main menu, Kyo-vegetable sandwiches are very delicious for the superb balance of soft bread baked by a famous bakery and fresh vegetables delivered directly from the farms.


This is probably the only café managed by a rickshaw man. You can drink tasty coffee and enjoy talking with stuffs who a good at taking with customers. You can get some tourists tips of Kyoto.

Picture Book Café Mébaé

This is a specialty shop of picture book with a café, managed by a major book store. There're 600 books both grown ups and children can enjoy. At a café, they prepare food with a great book illustration 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. It's so cute that you can't eat it!?

Ayacha café

People think a tea producing center in Kyoto is Uji, but in fact, Ayabe is a birthplace and skills born in Ayabe achieved complete success in Uji. You can enjoy quality Ayabe-tea even its leaves after drinking.

The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel

Anyone who is not a guest of this hostel can use this café at the 1st floor. But I recommend its rooftop. The terrace seats offer the whole view of a five-storied pagoda of To-ji Temple. You can enjoy tasty coffee and food in the open air.

Umezono Kiyomizu Store

The sweet shop is at Sannen zaka slope which leads to Kiyomizu temple. The Mitarashi dango (a dumpling covered with kuzu sauce seasoned with soy sauce and sugar) is good for people tired from walking on the slope. Because it is not big, I can eat 5 sticks. And a fresh warm one is exceptional.

The Sodoh Higashiyama

La Vie en Rose

A horticulturist, Yasushi Kamei who has won some contests, opened a café 30 years ago. Over 150 kinds of roses including his original are taken care, and blooms proudly in their season! The café also has nice rose menus.

Vermillion - cafe.

A café with refreshing greens, located by the approach of Fushimi Inari Shrine. The specialties are coffee popular in Kyoto and sweet with illustration of torii. You can feel easy by greens on its terrace. Here's a lesser known place with fewer people than the approach.


It seems like just a nowadays café, but the three cats are popular and some customers come from other regions to see them. These beautiful cats who have appeared in a cover of magazine, are not so friendly but don’t go away. Such a character is also attractive! If you're lucky, they may be seated close to you.


Though it's an aged and elegant coffee shop, its colorful toast breakfast has become the talk. Butter toast with six kinds of jam, a drink, fruit, vegetable juice and yogurt. It's only 450yen!