Tsushima Shrine You Can Enter Once In A Year

Best guide for Tsushima Jinja Shrine located in Seto Inland Sea of Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture. It's a shrine for children's good health and growth, which is rare in Japan. The main shrine stands in Tsushima Island 250m far from the shore, and people across the bridge to visit here. But the door to the island opens once in a year. On August 4th and 5th every year, the door is opened for 'Summer Great Festival'. It's the biggest event many people from all over Japan visit during these two days. Then, we selected top tourist attractions from among the City's Pride by travelers who actually have been there. Enjoy a rare station that opens only two days, stunning sunset view of the shrine, and so on.
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Tsushima Jinja Shrine

The Shrine for Children on the Setouchi Sea whose Door Opens only Once a Year

They enshrine the god for children's health and growth. Floating 250m from the seashore on the Stouchi Sea, it's gate is opened only once a year. Many people all over Japan visit this big event to pray for the children's good health.

An Evening Scene of the Festival Day Praying For Children's Growth and Health

This annual event is held from early morning to the midnight, and the sunset is specially nice. After the sun setting, a fantastic light up of the shrine appears.

Tsushima-no miya Station

Fans of Trains, Don't Miss. The Rare Station 'Tsushima no miya' Opens Only Two Days in a Year

I think fans of trains also are inpatient for the event. According to the Tsushima Shrine festival once a year, this rare station 'Tsushima no miya' opens for only two days.

Tsushima Shrine

Located on Tsushima Island of Mino-cho, Mitoyo-chi, Kagawa Prefecture. People can visit only once in a year (for two days) the rare shrine for children's good health and growth.

The Date For Summer Grand Festival

For 2 days of August 4th and 5th (6:00-22:00). Entrance fee: adult 300yen, child 100yen. Skyrocket is August 4th (20:00)

How To Get There

Just near Tsushima no miya Station of JR Shikoku Yosan Line. The station opens only 2 days in a year, which is the shortest open hours among the stations in Japan. By car, 10min drive from Mitoyo Tossaka IC. Parking lot is available for 30 cars and extra parking lots are prepared in a short distance. By bus, 8min from Takuma to Higashikubotani.

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