Best Cute And Photogenic Sweets In Kyoto Prefecture

Kyoto's food guide for cute, pretty and photogenic sweets that you may hesitate to eat. Not only just drawing illustrations, but also the ingredients are strictly selected. Then, we selected best ones from among the City's Pride by travelers who actually have been there.

8 Best Cute And Photogenic Sweets In Kyoto Prefecture

Panda no Sampomichi

Feel Sorry To Eat? Mitarashi Dango Of Cute Panda

Well sold at handmade market, mitarashi dango (rice cakes with sweetened soy sauce) named 'Pan-dango'. This shop offers freshly grilled one on the original panda plate, which makes it cuter. Not only its cute looks, I recommend it because of the deliciousness.

Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO

What A Cute♡ An Old House Café's 'Nyanko Parfait'

An elaborate 'Nyanko Parfait' is very popular at this café. For the lovely look that can't be expected from the quiet appearance of the building, in addition, only 20 dishes are available, many people come constantly since it opens. In the season of Christmas, Santa Nyanko is also cute and rare.

UCHU wagashi

Very Photogenic! So Cute Japanese Sweet Made In Kyoto

The very new Japanese confectionary shop that sells mainly 'rakugan' (dried sweets made from starches and sugar) and has a concept that 'Japanese confectionaries that make people excited and happy'. You can enjoy the cute looks and also the handmade tender tastes produced from the foodstuffs.

Umezono Sabo

What A Cute♡ An Old Sweet Shop's New Wagashi 'Kazari-kan'

Kazari-kan is the new taste Japanese sweet. Based on a traditional azuki-bean sweet 'yokan', they match excellently with herbs and fruits that seem to be out of keeping with yokan. Sweets with the seasonal foodstuffs of Kyoto such as a winter 'yuzu' citron are all delicious and I think only such a long established shop could make them!

La Vie en Rose

Japanese Confections Costarring With Rose! Rose Sweets You Can Eat Only Here

Japanese confections made with full of rose has just started this season, and they are original to be able to eat only here. Rose Daifuku has rose and cream cheese in it and the two match very well! You can take Rose Kohaku home, and it's nice for souvenir, too.

Vermillion - cafe.

What A Cute♡ Cute Sweet With Torii Of Fushimi Inari

A café with refreshing greens, located by the approach of Fushimi Inari Shrine. The specialties are coffee popular in Kyoto and sweet with illustration of torii. You can feel easy by greens on its terrace. Here's a lesser known place with fewer people than the approach.

The NEXT DOOR, lower east nine hostel

How Photogenic♡ 'Watermelon-bar Tonic' For Only This Summer

Their coffee and café latte are well sold, but also 'Watermelon-bar Tonic' is recommendable♡ Frozen watermelon and Japan's popular ice 'Suika-bar' are put dynamically! It's like a dessert but it's a delicious and satisfying drink .

Kashi Kobo and Sweets Cafe KYOTO KEIZO

Must Eat In 10 Minutes!? '10min Mont Blanc' Becoming A Most Talked Topic

Though it looks an ordinary Mont Blanc, it's made of meringue almost all of it and has crunchy and fluffy feeling in mouth. Please eat it up in 10min before it lose its flavor and mouth feeling!

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