Best Shodoshima Island Travel Guide, Kagawa Prefecture

Best guide for Shodoshima, the biggest island in Kagawa Prefecture. It has so many places to see, such as Kankakei and Angel Road, that you can't see all of them in one day. Then, we selected top guides for Shodoshima from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been there.


    19 Best Shodoshima Island Travel Guide, Kagawa Prefecture

    Angel Road

    A Lover's Sanctuary♡ Angel Road Where Lovers Become Happy Forever

    The sand beach appearing by the tidal range is called Angel Road, and it's said that lovers who cross this road by holding hands can become happy. I recommend to visit here at romantic dusk.

    Shodoshima Olive Park

    A Best Photo Spot In Shodoshima Island

    Located at Shodoshima Olive Park, The Greek Windmill was built as a proof of a sister island to Milos Island. And this windmill facing to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and surrounded with olive trees is a best place to take pictures in Shodoshima Island.

    A Film Set 'corico' Used In Ghibli Movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service'

    A live-action movie 'Kiki's Delivery Service' of Miyazaki Movie used this open set. It's located in Shodoshima Olive Park and appeared as a bakery Kiki worked for. The shop 'corico' now sells cute goods and herbs with the movie's atmosphere as it is.

    1000 Years Old Huge Olive Tree

    1000 Years Old Olive Tree Came Far From Spain

    This huge olive tree bears flowers and fruits even now the age of 1000. The unique shape also has the strong life force. Located at a lookout point, it could be nice for you to sit on a bench near the tree and enjoy the Shodoshima Island's time passing slowly.

    Shodoshima Olive Garden

    Very Scenic Birthplace Of Olive Cultivation In Japan

    Shodoshima Olive Garden is the birthplace of olive cultivation in Japan. Lovely paths encircled with pale green olive trees, and the beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea between the trees, that are the garden's attractions. They have a restaurant and a shop within the garden.

    Extremely Aura! The Oldest Olive Tree Even Now Bear Fruit

    Shodoshima is a first place where succeeded in olive cultivation. And, Olive Garden has the oldest tree that has borne fruit for 100 years. I was fascinated by its aura totally different from others.

    A national park Kankakei Gorge

    Kagawa's Proud Scenery! Autumn Colored Kankakei; One Of The Most Beautiful Gorges In Japan

    Kagawa's best autumn scenery, Kankakei Gorge. The beautiful and impressive view can be seen from the observatory as high as the top of Tokyo Sky Tree. Takatori Observatory offers the superb view!

    Kankakei Wide View From A Ropeway

    It was faster than I expected, and arrived at the top in 5 minutes, so you should concentrate the beautiful view.

    Shihozashi Observation Deck

    The Island, Sea and Sky Unifies, Amazing View of Shodoshima Island

    The Utsukushi no Hara Kogen is only plateau in Shodoshima and lucky altitude 777m. You can see the superb view with Setouchi sea and the sky and also famous Kankakei valley. So, you can feel energy of Shodoshima.

    Shodoshima Furusatomura

    A Kayak You Could Enjoy Shodoshima Slowly From The Sea

    I felt like sitting on the sea. A sound of waves, breeze and birds singing. You could feel the sense of unity with the nature.

    Yamaroku Shoyu

    Soy Sauce Naturally Brewed In Wooden Bucket. Passing Down The Disappearing But The Genuine Taste

    Although it costs much, we have to pass down the genuine taste of naturally brewed by wooden bucket; their words are impressive. The warehouse is designated as a tangible cultural property. And their soy sauce brewed in wooden buckets, made over 100 years ago, is the real genuine taste that the technological advances can't imitate.

    Spreading Savory Smell! Yaki-mochi With Soy Sauce

    One of a few soy sauce shops brewing naturally in wooden buckets, 'Yamaroku Shoyu' provides you with mochi grilled on Shichirin only in winter. Yaki-mochi with this rare soy sauce tastes better than that of anywhere!

    Kodokutsu Cave

    A Spiritual Power Spot Of Mysterious Cave Where The Air Changes In A Moment

    Kodokutsu Cave is one of the sacred places in Shodoshima Island. You enter the cave from a gate with the calm sea, then the air changes completely. It's a popular spiritual power spot that is said to have a divine grace for luck with money and improvement of sickness above neck.

    Hosho-in Temple

    Like Totoro's Forest. A Juniper 'Shimpaku' The Greatest In The World & A Special Natural Monument

    Shimpaku is a kind of juniper and popular for Japanese 'Bonsai'. At Hosho-in Temple, this sacred tree is said to be 1500 years old and the only Shimpaku that designated as a special natural monument. It's like a tree where Totoro and Mei met for the first time (in Ghibli movie),and very mysterious.

    Twenty Four Eyes Movie Studio

    Famous Movie's Open Set By The Sea

    A school building used in a movie 'Twenty Four Eyes' as an open set. From the nostalgic classroom, the scenery of beautiful Seto Inland Sea can be seen. You can be in like a one scene of a movie.

    A Retro Photogenic Movie Studio You Can See The Old & New

    Such as retro posters and torii gates like a film set, you can take interesting pictures by just walking around in this retro photogenic spot. On the other hand, it has some fashionable sides such as a restaurant of local food and a modern art.

    Road Of Hope (Kibo no Michi)

    A Path Appearing By The Ebb And Flow Of The Tide

    Joga-shima Island has a path that appears by the ebb and flow of the tide, just the same as a popular tourist spot Angel Road in Shodoshima. It's named 'Kibo-no Michi (Road Of Hope)', and has become more popular day by day. It's surrounded by beautiful clear seawater.

    Koseiwazuchi Shrine

    A Big Stone Seems To Fall Down From The Mountain Top

    A shintai (an object of a deity spirit) of Koseiwazuchi Shrine is Kasane-iwa Stone on the mountain top. It stands very close to the cliff above the Seto Inland Sea, which makes you wonder 'why doesn't it fall down?' or 'why dose it stand such a place?'.

    Choshikei Valley Monkey Kingdom

    500 Monkeys In Choshikei Valley, Exciting Feeding Experience For Only 100 Yen

    At a scenic spot of Shodoshima Island, Choshikei Valley, there're about 500 monkeys in Monkey Kingdom (Osaru-no kuni). Monkeys take soybeans directly from your hands, you can enjoy like taming the monkeys! And there're many soybeans for only 100 yen, so you can give all the monkeys getting together toward you!

    Shodoshima Island

    It belongs to Shozu-gun, Kagawa prefecture. The population is 30 thousand, the area is 155k㎡ and the circumference is about 145㎞. It's the biggest island in Kagawa and the next biggest after Awaji-shima in Seto Inland Sea. This is a popular island with many tourist spots, restaurants and hotels.

    How To Get There

    You need to use ferry. It's a big island with some ferry ports, and you can access from all quarters. From Takamatsu Port in Kagawa to Tonosho Port; 15 boats in a day, 1 hour by a big ferry, 690yen for one-way. Or, 5 boats in a day, 35 min by express boat, 1170yen. To Kusakabe Port; 5 boats in a day, about 1 hour , 690yen. To Ikeda Port; 8 boats in a day, 1 hour, 690yen. To Sakate Port; 3 boats in a day, 75 min, 690yen. Choose the convenient port as your destinations. And, from Okayama on the opposite bank, from Shin'okayama Port to Tonosho Port; 13 boats in a day, 70 min, 1050yen. From Uno Port to Tonosho Port; 3 boats in a day, 90 min, 1230 yen. You can also access from Himeji Port or Kobe Port in Hyogo Prefecture.

    Means To Explore

    Bus, bicycle and car. Basically you need to use bus or car. We recommend to use car because you won't be restricted by time, but if you get aboard ferry with your own car, additional charges are required. It's can be better to rent a car after you arrive the island.

    The Necessary Time To Explore

    2 or 3 days. The island has about 145㎞ for circumference, and many tourist spots to see, it's difficult to see all of them in a day. If you want to enjoy all of the island, you need to stay.

    Foods and Restaurants

    There're many restaurants, cafés, diners, and even capacious restaurants. You will have dinner at your hotel? Then we introduce recommendable places for lunch in the following.


    There're many accommodations such as hotels and ryokan with beautiful scenery of Seto Inland Sea.

    Best Hotels In Shodoshima Island

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