Specialty 'Himeji Oden' Food

Top restaurants to eat the local specialty 'Himeji Oden' of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. It's unique to eat them with gingered soy sauce. And, we selected best places to eat them from among the City's Pride by travelers actually have been there.

Shusentei Nadagiku Komizo-no Kappa

A long-established izakaya that directed by a famous sake maker, Nadagiku. Seasoned by stock soup that has inherited for more than 50 years, a big Himeji Oden is excellent with gingered soy sauce. This is the local specialty of Himeji you must eat.


A famous restaurant of Himeji Oden, selected in Bib Gourmand of Michelin. Various kinds of quality foodstuffs such octopus, yuba and asparagus are delicious and, then you eat them with gingered soy sauce, which is special way in Himeji, they change into more delicious food completely.

Egret Castle Mille

Himeji's specialty 'Himeji Oden' with soy sauce mixed with ground ginger. You can eat this in front of the view of a World Heritage, Himeji Castle at this restaurant. Oden, tastes good as it is, with sharpness and depth, which is very delicious local food.