Noshima Art Island Guide

Best tourist attractions in Naoshima Island (直島). It's now known to the world as an art island. You can enjoy the unusual artistic room where the beautiful scenery surrounded by Seto Inland Sea and art works have harmonized each other. Then, we selected top places to go from among the City's Pride by travelers actually have been there.
Travel Info

Red Pumpkin

Yayoi Kusama's art work 'Red Pumpkin' located near a ferry port. You'll see it first just after you arrive at Naoshima. You can enter its inside. Let's take amusing photos of this photogenic art.

Naoshima Pavilion

A white huge stainless steel art got an idea from the 28th new island of Naoshima Island. You can enter the art and feel like floating in the sky. Taking pictures as your imaginative way.


Yayoi Kusama's art work 'Pumpkin' has its beautiful yellow under the clear blue sky. Tourist from all over the world make a line to take pictures of this art.

Ebisu Shrine

One of the 100 Scenic Spots In Kagawa, a torii stands on Gotanji Beach and faces to Seto Inland Sea. It's near an art work 'Pumpkin', so meny people enjoy taking pictures of this scenery.

Benesse House Museum

This museum was opened on the concept of "coexistence of nature, art and architecture". And you can enjoy the modern art works and the building itself with the feeling of island's nature. For it stands on a hill, you can see the nice seascape from the terrace.

Chichu Art Museum

You can enjoy many kinds of arts and the museum building itself.

Near the museum gate, there is a place where they make a pond and grow plants to mimic 'Water-Lilies' of Claude Monet. I was moved by the world of arts when I saw this scenery after enjoying the museum. What a nice place it is!

Go'o Shrine (Naoshima Island)

Shrine and art have harmonized in Go'o Shrine. A narrow path extending to the underground of the shrine, and 'glass steps' connected with a main building. Then you'll find the nice seascape on your way back. It's an interesting shrine worth visiting.

Naoshima Port (Honmura Port)

Miyaura Port on the west is well kown as a terminal of Naoshima Island. And a small boat terminal 'Naoshima Port' at Honmura area opened lately as a huge art work like clouds. Art island entertains us as soon as we arrive the island.

Miyaura Port

It was designed by SANAA who has won The Pritzker Architecture Prize. The building matches the clearness of the sea.

Naoshima Island

Naoshima belongs to Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa prefecture. The population is 3000, the area is 8k㎡ and the circumference is about 16㎞. It's a popular island travelers come from the world as an art island which has museums and art works all over the island.

How To Get There

It takes 50 min from Takamatsu Port in Kagawa to Miyaura Port in Naoshima by a bigger ferry which has 5 boats in a day (520yen for one-way), or 25 min by a smaller express ferry which has one boat in a day (1220 yen for one-way). And Okayama is closer to Naoshima than Kagawa, it takes 20 min from Uno Port in Okayama to Miyaura Port by a ferry which has 13 boats in a day (290 yen for one-way) or 15 min by a passenger liner which has 3 boats in a day (290 yen for one-way). Almost all of them have extra boats during art events.

Means To Explore

Car, bus and bicycle. But we recommend to use a bicycle that you can go anywhere you want without considering about parking lots and some narrow roads. You can rent a bicycle at some shops near Miyaura Port. And you can go around the sightseeing areas by bicycle, but an electric bicycle is even better because there're slopes in the island. Or, you can take public buses and travel on foot, too. If you go to Naoshima during the art event or peak seasons, you need to rent a bicycle as soon as you arrive the port before the stocks of bicycles are out.

Foods and Restaurants

There are so many and various shops to eat such as diners, cafés, restaurants and bakeries that you cannot decide. For lunch and taking a rest, you may often use cafés in Naoshima. We introduce best cafés in the following.

Best Cafes In Naoshima

The Necessary Time To Explore

One or two days. There're many places to see like museums and art works. For travers who want to take enough time to see the arts, there're some hotels and tourist homes in Naoshima.


The biggest 'Benesse House' which has a museum and hotel, and some tourist home in Naoshima. But many travelers come to Naoshima lately, so we're afraid that you can't make a reservation during the art festivals or peak seasons. To make a plan earlier is better for you.

Hotels In Naoshima

Other Islands

We introduce tour guide of isands around Naoshima in the folllowing.

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