Ogijima Island Guide

Top tourist spots in Ogijima Island (男木島), Kagawa prefecture, Japan. You can access there in 40 min by ferry (named MEON) from Takamatsu port. There has complicated narrow slopes and alleys like a maze, so you can enjoy art and scenery of Ogijima like an exploration. Then we selected top things to do from among the City's Pride by travelers actually visited there.
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Walking Ark

We think the most attractive thing of Setouchi Triennale is the fusion of shining sea and arts. Here in Ogi Island, Walking Ark is very popular art that makes us want to take its photos.


Ogi-jima Island in Seto Inland Sea has many narrow and tangled slopes like a maze. Let's go ahead in adventure mood and see the photogenic arts exhibited in the old houses in the island.

Momory Bottle

An art work 'Memory Bottle' stuffed photos of islanders in Ogijima, is exhibited like an illumination inside a small warehouse. It's a romantic room of beautiful art made up with lightened and gathered memories.


In the room of a warm old house, bamboo arts make rhythmical sounds by winds occurred from somewhere. I have no idea what and how makes these sounds. But this wonderful feeling makes us feel relaxed.


At Ogi, an isolated island of Takamatsu, a nongovernmental library was born. Holding a coffee in one hand, feel breeze in the island and enjoy the reading time passing slow. Here's a gathering place for islanders, and also people from outside can become familiar easily with this nice place.

Ogi Island Lighthouse

Ogi-jima Island Lighthouse is unpainted and made from high quality 'Aji Stone' mined in Kagawa. It's selected as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan. The beautiful Seto Inland Sea makes the symbol of Ogi Island more attractive.

Ogijima Observatory

There's an observatory standing alone in the lush greens you finally arrive after 15 or 20 minutes mountain-walking. You can enjoy seeing the beautiful calm Seto Inland Sea with some ferry boats coming and going without any interruption by other people.

Ogi Port

This glass architecture is an exchange center and an information desk at Ogi Port. Various letters form the roof, and its shadow changes every moment to create the beautiful scenery of Ogi Island.

Ogijima Island

Ogijima belongs Ogi-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa prefecture. The population is 200, the area is 1.4k㎡ and the circumference is about 5㎞. A community with narrow paths like mazes is characteristic. And this small island is known for many cute cats living there.

How To Get There

40 min by ferry boat (named Meon) from Takamatsu Port. Ferry: one-way 510 yen, 6 boats in a day. Confirm the leaving times beforehand. ※Extra boats are prepared during summer and the art festival.

Means To Explore

Ogijima has so narrow paths and slopes like a maze that travelers basically move on foot. Or, to go to Ogi Island Lighthouse and Ogijima Observatory which are located a little far from the port, we recommend to rent an electric bicycle.

Foods and Restaurants

Diners, cafés and restaurants, and some of them open in old Japanese houses. We introduce Ogijima food in the following. ※Some of them have unsettled regular holidays and some open only weekends, so you need to confirm and make reservations beforehand.

The Necessary Time To Explore

Half a day or a whole day. And the same ferry goes to Megijima Island, you can travel in Magijima together.

Best Things To Do In Megijima Island


There're some guesthouses and you can stay to enjoy Ogijima to your heart content.

Madoka (円)Sakura(さくら)

Other Islands

We introduce tour guide of isands around Ogijima in the folllowing.

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