Best Restaurants For Lunch In Naruto

Best restaurants of Naruto's (鳴門) specialty food. Naruto Strait is the fastest swirling currents in Japan, and it makes fish tight and tasty. Then, we selected recommended restaurants where you can eat such delicious seafood, from among the City's Pride by travelers who actually visited there.


I haven't seen such a seafood bowl before. Fresh seafood caught near Naruto get together in the bowl. Gorgeous seafood and great impact.


Naruto Strait has very fast currents which is one of the three biggest tides in the world. The sea bream grown in such raging waves is named 'Naruto-dai (tai)' and has tighten meat good taste. Uzunoya offers the sea bream on rice with secret sauce.

Sushi Katsu

Very popular sushi restaurant 'Sushi Katsu' is located here famous for swirling current of Naruto Strait. Such as sea bream grown in swirling currents, thickly sliced seafood you can enjoy to your heart's content. Rice wrapped with medium-fatty tuna, delicious!


I thank such big and dynamic seafood on the special sushi. Seafood grown by swirling currents (especially sea breams and prawns) are well-tightened and its good tastes spread in your mouthful.

Sakana Taisyo

Uo daisyo provides fresh and reasonable but a good deal of fish. To be surprised, the sashimi of this volume is 1500 yen! A good balanced of assorted sashimi.


It's not only substantial but delicious as well. You may be impressed the with the reliable taste made by the selected seafood.

Mothers Naruto-Store

A café with a bakery. The bread is also high quality, I love it.

Ristorante Fishbone

Locally grown vegetables are also organic and fresh. Since it was displayed beautifully, it's not a home-style cooking but a gorgeous one. I enjoyed Christmas lunch course.

California Table

The restaurant is good location and has the great wood terrace to see the superb view while eating. So, the view is the most delicious one.