Osaka's Best Kushiage & Kushikatsu Restaurants

Osaka's [大阪] specialty food guide, Kushiage & Kushikatsu. We selected top recommended restaurants from among the City's Pride by travelers actually have been there. You can choose from various kinds of restaurant like casual, elegant and long-established ones.

Kushi-katsu NISHIKAWA

An excellent restaurant of Osaka food, kushi-katsu in Kitashinchi. The chef makes around 20 kushi-katsu one after another till you call a halt. Rich and many kinds of foodstuffs like fillet, crab and sea urchin eggs wrapped in thin and quality coating of batter. You may eat these kushi-katsu almost limitlessly.

Naniwa Tachibana

Kushiage (skewered and deep fried food) is a local specialty in Osaka. When you want to eat quality one, visit here! Duck meat with mustard, pork fillet with miso, you can eat creative kushiage here.


Creative kushi-age (deep fried food on skewers) of first-rate foodstuffs such as sea urchin eggs, a prawn, an abalone and foie gras. They make the most of the foodstuffs simply, or sometimes pursuit the new tastes. You can enjoy Osaka gourmet and a fine view at this nice restaurant.


Their kushi-age(deep fried skewered foodstuffs) is refined taste and made elaborate to become a wonderful dish.

Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma Shinsekai Main Store

They're so particular about the oil and sauce that we can eat the fried pork very lightly. Be careful eating to much and don't dip in the sauce twice.