Things To Do In ehime

Special Things To Do to travel in ehime Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.





19 Things To Do [1-19]

A Scenic Station With A Beautiful View Of Seto Inland Sea Over The Platform
A Shrine At A Top Of The 1982-Meter Mountain
The Mysterious Land Called 'Oriental Machu Picchu' in the Sky/An Emerald River
Setouchi Scenery From A Reproduced Lookout Place Of The Strongest Japanese Pirates
The Hot Spring Facility that is a National Important Cultural Property and a Model of Studio Ghibli Film "Spirited Away"
100 Best Castles In Japan. A Magnificent View Of A Castle With The Sea
A Spectacular Rock Cliff Of A Buddhist Temple
Outstanding Scale Of The Tree Energy! A Spiritual Power Spot In Omi-shima, An Island Of God
The Super Scenic Observatory Designed By A World-famous Architect, Kengo Kuma
The Imabari Castle Illuminated Every Night as Symbol of Imabari/A Sea Castle's Wide Moat
Enjoy The Great Nature In All Directions! Karst Plateau Of Shikoku
Deainame, Clear Water Flowing Like Sliding On A Huge Monolith/Yukiwa Waterfall Flowing Down While Drawing A Pattern Of Light Snow
Tasting Just Made Beer! Visiting Asahi Beer Factory Makes You Happy So Much
The Perfect Location for Seeing Tatara Ohashi which is One of the Longest Oblique Bridges
Get Into The Swirling Current! Boat Riding At The Most Difficult Spot Of Seto Inland Sea
Stunning Views Making You Forget The Fatigue Of Cycling/Dressing Of Green Lemons And Salt Of Hakata
The Scenery Like 'Spirited Away' Of Ghibli Movie/Enclosed By A Virgin Forest, A Stage Structure Giving Rise To A Subtle And Profound Atmosphere
Three Suspension Bridges Chain Connecting Islands In Seto Inland Sea
The Close View Of Kurushima Strait Bridge