Things To Do In ehime

Special Things To Do to travel in ehime Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

20 Things To Do [1-20]

Shimonada Station

◎A Scenic Station With A Beautiful View Of Seto Inland Sea Over The Platform

Ishizuchi Shrine

◎A Shrine At A Top Of The 1982-Meter Mountain

Mine Topia Besshi

◎The Mysterious Land Called 'Oriental Machu Picchu' in the Sky

◎An Emerald River

◎A Storehouse Site Like An Ancient Ruins

Karei Mountain Observatory Park

◎Setouchi Scenery From A Reproduced Lookout Place Of The Strongest Japanese Pirates

Dogo Onsen Main Hall

◎The Hot Spring Facility that is a National Important Cultural Property and a Model of Studio Ghibli Film "Spirited Away"

Matsuyama Castle

◎100 Best Castles In Japan. A Magnificent View Of A Castle With The Sea

Iwaya-ji Temple

◎A Spectacular Rock Cliff Of A Buddhist Temple

Oyamazumi Shrine

◎Outstanding Scale Of The Tree Energy! A Spiritual Power Spot In Omi-shima, An Island Of God

Kirozan Observatory

◎The Super Scenic Observatory Designed By A World-famous Architect, Kengo Kuma

Imabari Castle

◎The Imabari Castle Illuminated Every Night as Symbol of Imabari

◎A Sea Castle's Wide Moat

◎A Bronze Statue Of A General Takatora Todo

Shikoku Karst

◎Enjoy The Great Nature In All Directions! Karst Plateau Of Shikoku

Nametoko Valley

◎Deainame, Clear Water Flowing Like Sliding On A Huge Monolith

◎Yukiwa Waterfall Flowing Down While Drawing A Pattern Of Light Snow

◎Ghibli World? Forest Bathing Making Me Healing

Asahi Beer Shikoku Factory

◎Tasting Just Made Beer! Visiting Asahi Beer Factory Makes You Happy So Much

Tatara Shimanami Park

◎The Perfect Location for Seeing Tatara Ohashi which is One of the Longest Oblique Bridges

Shikoku Karst Mezuru-daira

◎Very Close To The Sky & Clouds! The Great Nature In Shiokoku Region

Swirling Current Viewing

◎Get Into The Swirling Current! Boat Riding At The Most Difficult Spot Of Seto Inland Sea

Sunrise Itoyama

◎Stunning Views Making You Forget The Fatigue Of Cycling

◎Dressing Of Green Lemons And Salt Of Hakata

Senryuji Temple

◎The Scenery Like 'Spirited Away' Of Ghibli Movie

◎Enclosed By A Virgin Forest, A Stage Structure Giving Rise To A Subtle And Profound Atmosphere

Itoyama Park Observation Platform

◎Three Suspension Bridges Chain Connecting Islands In Seto Inland Sea

Kurushima Channel View Building

◎The Close View Of Kurushima Strait Bridge


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