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Special Hotels & Ryokan characterized by location to travel in kitauwa-gun that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

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The locally grown silky fowl's egg. This chawan-mushi is different from the ordinary one and full of nutrition.


As for Mori no kuni Hotel, quality meat dishes are famous. Here is a gorgeous beef trio worth seeing and eating. I like a light original sauce.


I think this restaurant is proud of its Iberico pork. Iberiko pork has quality meat and sweet fat. And they prepare two kinds of rock salt, specially black salt with particular sulfuric small is suit the meat very much.


An original sauce of relatively light and Japanese taste and meaty hamburg steak. I enjoy the very delicious dish.


You can have French lunch in front of the lush greenery. With the beautiful scenery of a valley, it becomes special. You sometimes find wild monkeys, it's exactly the lunch of the great nature.


There is a lobby like a social club next to the lobby. A large fireplace is for overcoming the strict winter, there are antique interiors around it. In dim light, sunlight filtering down through the trees from the window is nice.


The hotel is in the national park 'Nametoko Keikoku' a valley. Headwaters of Shimanto River flow in front of the hotel. You can enjoy great nature.


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