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Iwaya-ji Temple

A Spectacular Rock Cliff Of A Buddhist Temple

One of the dangerous spot of Shikoku 88 Buddhist Temples, Iwaya-ji Temple. It was built with the rock cliff at its back, and the scenery is so superb that has introduced in The New York Times.

Shikoku Karst Mezuru-daira

Very Close To The Sky & Clouds! The Great Nature In Shiokoku Region

Shikoku Karst is the most highest among the three famous karsts in Japan. Many cattle walk around and wind power generation goes around at this area called Mezuru-daira. For its campsite, here's one of the popular spots.

Omogo Gorge

Emerald River! Omogo Gorge In Fresh Green Must Has Your Favorite Color

An emerald river located at inner mountain in Shikoku Region, is named Omogo River. You can enjoy beautiful green river and shinning white rocky scene from the easy-walking path! By the way, it's the headwaters of Niyodo River that has become more famous for its beautiful water called 'Niyodo Blue'.


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