Shops In imabari-shi#souvenir

Special Shops characterized by souvenir to travel in imabari-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.


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Grown-up Sweets For An Island Journey! Sweet-Bitter Confectioneries Of Omi-shima Island Limoncello

On my journey in Omi-shima, a lemon producing island in Seto Inland Sea, I met the pretty these sweets. The confectionaries made from 'Limoncello', a liqueur of lemon grown in their own farm without agricultural chemicals. They have refreshing sweetness and a little bitterness, that we, grown-ups can enjoy these lemon sweets different from other a little bit.

Fascinated By The Island's Sweet With A New Sense♪ Limoncello Ice Cream Wafer

A popular shop 'Limone' has a surprisingly delicious 'monaka (wafer)' with all new sense for me. Here in Omi-shima is a producing center of lemon. A chewy wafer and cold limoncello ice cream's refreshing sweetness and bitterness are superb! I want to buy up all of them in the shop if it's in summer now.

ImabariaTowel Main Store

The Largest Store of Traditional High Quality Imabari Towel in Japan

The traditional Imabari towel is comfortable for use and good for skin. It's made in Imabari and a representative towel of Japan. The store sells about 25000 items of it.

A History And Material Room Of Imabari Textiles

You could see and study a history of Imabari textiles that became a traditional quality towel.

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