Special Foods & Restaurants In imabari-shi#LocalSpecialties

Special Foods & Restaurants characterized by LocalSpecialties to travel in imabari-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Foods & Restaurants In imabari-shi [1-7]

    • The Soul Food 'Ganso Yakibuta Tamagomeshi' Made by Imabari Locals with Festinate Character

    • The Superb Sea Bream Bowl With Yolk and Fresh Boiled Rice

    • Taimeshi Tasting In The Birth And The Genuine Place Ehime

    • Perfect Balance Of Varieties! An Assorted Sashimi Of Iyo Suigun

    • The Dish of Rare and Expensive Fish 'Mahata' That are Few on Market

    • At The Place Of Famous Salt, Hakata-no Shio! The Genuine Salt Ramen With Sea Bream

    • A Blue Sunroom Commanding The Sea Of Oshima, A Part Of Shimanami Kaido

    • Restaurant Mitsubachi's Delicious Local Food♪ Mikan (Orange) Pilaf & Omelet

    • Victory Food Loved By The Strongest Pirates In History! Dynamic 'Horaku-yaki'

    • Shichirin BBQ You Can Grill And Eat Fresh Seafood Just Next To The Sea

    • Rice With Sea Breams, The Kurushima Strait Specialty Which Is Superior To The Smell Of Seafood BBQ


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