Foods & Restaurants In imabari-shi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in imabari-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



14 Foods & Restaurants [1-14]

The Soul Food 'Ganso Yakibuta Tamagomeshi' Made by Imabari Locals with Festinate Character
The Superb Sea Bream Bowl With Yolk and Fresh Boiled Rice/Taimeshi Tasting In The Birth And The Genuine Place Ehime
The Island's Specialty 'Sea Urchin Egg On Rice' That I Was Happy To Meet/Prime & Big Sushi As A Reason I'm Attracted By The Island Food
The Dish of Rare and Expensive Fish 'Mahata' That are Few on Market
No Windows! An Open Air Café With The Fine View Of Setouchi
At The Place Of Famous Salt, Hakata-no Shio! The Genuine Salt Ramen With Sea Bream
Rich! And Very Rich Mixed With Yolk! O-shima Island's Specialty, Sea Urchin Eggs & Rice Bowl
A Blue Sunroom Commanding The Sea Of Oshima, A Part Of Shimanami Kaido/Restaurant Mitsubachi's Delicious Local Food♪ Mikan (Orange) Pilaf & Omelet
A Café With Wonderful View Of The Sato Inland Sea
Victory Food Loved By The Strongest Pirates In History! Dynamic 'Horaku-yaki'
Essential To Island Travel! A Lovely Café Of Stunning View & Delicious Cakes
Hakata Salt Ramen At A Birthplace Of The Salt
A Café With A Fine Oscan View Of Shimanami Kaido Route And Kurushima Strait/Produced By Aya Kakisawa Famous For Vegetable Sweets! Shimanami Tomato Crape
Shichirin BBQ You Can Grill And Eat Fresh Seafood Just Next To The Sea/Rice With Sea Breams, The Kurushima Strait Specialty Which Is Superior To The Smell Of Seafood BBQ