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Egawa Coast

Telephone Poles Standing in a Line on the Sea. A Marvelous World!

In Kisarazu, Egawa Seashore, the scenery of telephone poles standing on the sea makes us feel wonder. Poles and sunset lead to an industrial area. Pease enjoy Japan's marvelous world this winter (๑´ㅂ`๑)

Mt.Nokogiri Nihon-ji Temple

Very Thrilling 'Looking Into Hell' And 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Craved Out From A Stone

The whole of Mt.Nokogiri is the precincts of Nihon-ji Temple. You can enjoy the superb view such as a sweeping view of Boso Peninsula from 'Jigoku-nozoki (looking into hell)' and 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Statue craved out at the former stone quarry. I like the solemn atmosphere of mossy approach to the temple.

Noumizo Fall

Like An Entrance To A Fairy Tale! A Fantastic Tunnel Of A Mountain Stream

The stone tunnel was artificially formed as a part of the construction of the stream over 300 years ago. Looking down the scenery like a fairy tale, you can ring the 'lucky bell' .

Haraoka Coast

Let's Enjoy An Evening Scene Of The Sea And Mt.Fuji! A Pier Stretches To The Sea From The Haraoka Seashore

The third issue of an attractive Boso Peninsula! Today, I introduce you Haraoka Seashore where you could see Mt.Fuji over the Tokyo Bay in the evening. And a pier stretches to the sea is too photogenic to become more and more popular among boys and girls who like taking photos!

Byobugaura Beach

Equal To The White Cliffs Of Dover! A Powerful Coastline Of A Sheer Cliff

In Byobu ga ura, there're 10km long rough and sheer cliff formed by encroachment of the sea. It's called the Oriental Dover! And, you can see the beautiful glowing seashore at sunset.

Tsukinosabaku Monumental Statue

A Little Surreal? Statues of Prince and Princess Ridding Camels

These statues were built on the motif of a children's story 'Desert in the Moon'. Seen from the different angles, a sandhill, the sea and apartments will appear!


One Of The Three Biggest Places Of Daffodils! Chiba's Daffodils In Winter

It's getting colder in January. But in Kyonan Town, where is not so far from metropolitan area, you can see the many beautiful daffodils blooming against such a cold air!

Iwai Beach

Beach Seine Drawing With The Local Fishers And Many People Together

You can experience the beach seine at Iwai Beach in Chiba prefecture. Everyone doesn't know what they can catch that day. You must have a valuable experience that differs a little from fishing.

Funabashi Andersen Garden

Like A Fairly Tale! A Large Garden You Can Feel The Andersen's World

A motif of this garden is the children's story of H.C Andersen, a Dane author. In the large 30ha garden, you can enjoy the seasonal flowers and greens.


360 Degree Panoramic Ocean View Without Any Obstructions

A beautiful horizontal line of Tokyo Bay in all directions. Not only stopping as a parking lot at highway rest area, but it's good as a place to enjoy the ocean panoramic view!

Chikura Flower Garden

Picking Flowers In Earlier Season Than Anywhere

Chikura Town near the tip of Boso Peninsula, for the warm climate through a year we can enjoy picking flowers in from the beginning of January. There makes us feel spring earlier than anywhere.


So Fluffy…Animals Such As Alpacas And Patagonian Maras

Tranquil animals could heal me. Mara is like a small kangaroo. You can touch sheep, llamas and emus and they hold some events that you can touch animals everyday. The young who are tired out by a busy city should come here.

Adventure Sport & Park TARZANIA

Sky Walk In The Forest! Forest Adventure Born In France

Attach the special harness and move in the air from tree to another tree. It's a popular activity in Europe you can play in the genuine facility of forest adventure. I feel really refreshed when I cut the winds at Zip Slide and get down to the ground from a tall tree!

Tokyo Disneyland

A Cinderella Castle In Disney Land

A Cinderella Castle makes me feel I'm here in Disney Land. It's a landmark of 51meters high.

Tokyo Disney Sea

The Most Frightening Tower Of Terror

Shout in the free fall!! The crowded attraction in the Disney Sea.

Narita Yume Pasture

A Trolley Running Slowly To See The Flowers And Animals In The Farm

You can ride a Segway, bicycle and others in the farm. Especially, a trolley running round in the farm is well crowded. You can feel easy and enjoy a trolley trip while seeing the blooming flowers and cute animals.


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