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Special Things To Do to travel in chiba Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

15 Things To Do [1-15]

Egawa Coast

◎Telephone Poles Standing in a Line on the Sea. A Marvelous World!

◎The Sequel to the Writing of Egawa Seashore. Telephone Poles Standing in a Line on the Night Sea

Mt.Nokogiri Nihon-ji Temple

◎Very Thrilling 'Looking Into Hell' And 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Craved Out From A Stone

Noumizo Fall

◎Like An Entrance To A Fairy Tale! A Fantastic Tunnel Of A Mountain Stream

Byobugaura Beach

◎Equal To The White Cliffs Of Dover! A Powerful Coastline Of A Sheer Cliff

Haraoka Coast

◎Let's Enjoy An Evening Scene Of The Sea And Mt.Fuji! A Pier Stretches To The Sea From The Haraoka Seashore

Iwai Beach

◎Beach Seine Drawing With The Local Fishers And Many People Together


◎360 Degree Panoramic Ocean View Without Any Obstructions

Funabashi Andersen Garden

◎Like A Fairly Tale! A Large Garden You Can Feel The Andersen's World

Tsukinosabaku Monumental Statue

◎A Little Surreal? Statues of Prince and Princess Ridding Camels

Chikura Flower Garden

◎Picking Flowers In Earlier Season Than Anywhere

Narita Yume Pasture

◎A Trolley Running Slowly To See The Flowers And Animals In The Farm

Tokyo Disney Sea

◎The Most Frightening Tower Of Terror

Tokyo Disneyland

◎A Cinderella Castle In Disney Land

◎Decorations of Snows and Crystals

Adventure Sport & Park TARZANIA

◎Sky Walk In The Forest! Forest Adventure Born In France


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