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Hotokegaura Beach

Overwhelming Scale! Huge White Stones Standing On The Shore

Hotoke-ga ura is a scenic spot of huge and strangely shaped stones standing at Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori. Superb view of overwhelming huge stones lying all over the place. Furthermore, the contrast of the blue sea and white stones makes more beautiful scenery.

Hirosaki Park

300 Years Old Huge Ginkgo Tree That Seems To Move

There're many old trees that are supposed to be more than 100 years old at Hirosaki Park. Among them, this ginkgo tree supposed to be 300 years old and seems to move any moment for the root are naked, is worth seeing very much.

Tsutanuma Lake

Tsutanuma Lake In Autumn Colors That Changes Into Scarlet By The Sun Light

At Tsutanuma Lake in autumn, the mountain changes its color in a flash when the light of the morning sun comes, and it reflects on the quiet water surface. Breathtakingly beautiful scenery! And it's Aomori's proud water mirror. I really want you to see this gorgeous scenery in a cool air of autumn...

Aomori Contemporary Art Center

Art Works Dotted In The Woods

Many art works are dotted around the Art Center, and united with the woods, which are very unique!

Jyuniko Lake

A Mystery Of Nature! An Unbelievable Blue Pond

Juni-ko(twelve ponds) area is walkable around a nature forest and ponds in the World Heritage, Shirakami Mountains. Among all, Aoike's beautiful color of blue is unbelievable. By the way, even today's science can't make clear why Aoike has such a blue color.

Hirosaki Castle

Snow & Fall Foliage We Can See Only Between Autumn And Winter

In November, the temperature drops in this season, the snow sheets the fall foliage and make them more beautiful, special scenery. You can see the collaboration of autumn leaves and snow only in the area which has an early snow!

Inakadate Rice Plant Art

Rice Plant Arts At The Place Of Origin

Inakadate Village is the birthplace of rice plant art. It's very impressive for us to see such a huge art made up by only rice that we eat everyday. You can enjoy the natural art changing its colors day by day.

Oirase Stream

Fall Foliage That Makes Waking Around Oirase Stream More Attractive

The lush Oirase Mountain Stream changes totally into autumn colors. Many waterfalls and golden forest you can see on the walking path along the stream. There're many things to see that are different from the season of fresh green.

Aomori Nebuta Festival

Join In 'Haneto' Costume! The Biggest Festival In Tohoku Region With Strong Huge Nebuta

Aomori Nebuta festival is held every August. Powerful and huge Nebuta decorations walk around the town. You can enjoy even seeing them, but it'll be more exciting for anyone to join the festival and become a dancer's haneto costume!

Tsugaru National Park Horozuki Kaigan Takano-saki

The Whole View From A Beautiful Clear Seashore At The Northern Edge Of Japan's Main Island

It's a scenic place commands Hokkaido in the north, Tappi-zaki Point in the west, Shimokita Peninsula in the east. I feel free to my mind by the huge ocean and sky I can see to the distance.

Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Autumn Leaves In All Directions From Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Its arch is 255 meters long, which is the longest in Japan. Jogakura Mountain River flows under the bridge. And you can overlook the colored mountains in the season of fall foliage. On sunny days, you can even see Mt.Iwaki known as a name 'Tsugaru Fuji'.

Iwakiyama Shrine

A Holy Precinct With Iwaki Mountain In The Rear

Iwaki Mountain is called 'Tsugaru Fuji' and familiar with the local people. Iwaki Shrine stands at the foot of it. Its building is so beautiful that it's admired as 'a inner part of Nikko', so it's a place worth visiting.

Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival

Snow Lantern Festival At Hirosaki Castle

There're snow statues using Hirosaki Neputa Nishikie pictures and about 300 small kamakura with gentle lights. Such as a projection mapping on the snow statures and Tsugaru Nishikie Pictures Gallely, you can enjoy many things to see!

Kuroishi Komise Dori Street

Kuroishi Komise Dori Street With Old Time Townscape

During the 'Kuroishi Yosare Matsuri Festival' held in August every year, this tasteful Komise Dori Street will be crowded by a lot of people.


One Of The Most Famous Three Sacred Places! Usori Lake Seen At Osorezan

Osorezan is not a name of the mountain but of a sacred place. A crater lake in the center of here is named Usori Lake, and its mysterious color attracts visitors silently.

Aomori Lights & Paper Pageant

Aomori Bay Area With Nebuta Lanterns

Aomori Lights & Paper Pageant is going to open till March 4th (Sun). There're many small lights made by the local people, and these lanterns make the cold winter warm.

New Central Pier

Nice Seaside Park With The Whole View Of Aomori Bay

It's really nice to be able to go to the sea easily. On sunny days, walking with a coffee makes you feel refreshed.


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