Things To Do In aomori

Special Things To Do to travel in aomori Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

15 Things To Do [1-15]

Jyuniko Lake

◎A Mystery Of Nature! An Unbelievable Blue Pond

Hotokegaura Beach

◎Overwhelming Scale! Huge White Stones Standing On The Shore

Aomori Nebuta Festival

◎Join In 'Haneto' Costume! The Biggest Festival In Tohoku Region With Strong Huge Nebuta

Oirase Stream

◎Fall Foliage That Makes Waking Around Oirase Stream More Attractive

◎Oirase Mountain Stream Of Refreshing Scenery & Negative Ions

◎A Clear Mountain Stream Flowing In The Green Tunnel

Tsutanuma Lake

◎Tsutanuma Lake In Autumn Colors That Changes Into Scarlet By The Sun Light

Hirosaki Park

◎300 Years Old Huge Ginkgo Tree That Seems To Move

◎Can you Find? A Heart Shape Above The Park

Inakadate Rice Plant Art

◎Rice Plant Arts At The Place Of Origin

Tsugaru National Park Horozuki Kaigan Takano-saki

◎The Whole View From A Beautiful Clear Seashore At The Northern Edge Of Japan's Main Island

Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

◎Autumn Leaves In All Directions From Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Hirosaki Castle

◎Snow & Fall Foliage We Can See Only Between Autumn And Winter

Iwakiyama Shrine

◎A Holy Precinct With Iwaki Mountain In The Rear


◎One Of The Most Famous Three Sacred Places! Usori Lake Seen At Osorezan

Aomori Contemporary Art Center

◎Art Works Dotted In The Woods

Kuroishi Komise Dori Street

◎Kuroishi Komise Dori Street With Old Time Townscape

New Central Pier

◎Nice Seaside Park With The Whole View Of Aomori Bay


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