Things To Do In nagoya-shi

Special Things To Do to travel in nagoya-shi that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.



7 Things To Do [1-7]

Nagoya Castle
Weighs About 88 Kg! Shining 'Golden Shachihoko'
Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Earthmates Get Together! A Zoo With Over 500 Kinds Of Living Creatures
Shirotori Garden
Illuminated Autumn Leaves At The Biggest Japanese Garden In The Chubu Region
Antarctic Research Ship Fuji
Completed Antarctic Voyage For 18 Years. An Icebreaker Preserved As A Historical Monument
Fujimae Tideland
An Oasis Of Metropolitan Nagoya, A Peaceful And Tranquil Tideland For 170 Kinds Of Birds
Tokugawa En Garden
A House Of Owari Tokugawa Family. A Historical Japanese Garden Made In The Glossy Leaved Forest
Atsuta Jingu
The Old Shrine Crowded With People For Wedding & Shichigosan, Japanese Beautiful Traditions

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