Foods & Restaurants In aichi

Special Foods & Restaurants to travel in aichi Prefecture that Japanese travelers and locals recommend.

7 Foods & Restaurants [1-7]

Torisanwa Centrair-Store

◎A Famous Shop For Nagoya Koochin. Soft And Delicious Chicken Wings

Yabaton Nagoya station Esuka Store

◎Misokatsu of Yabaton Loved by Nagoya Locals

Kawai-ya Honten

◎Started In 1921. A Genuine Kishi-men Noodle Loved By The Locals

Yamada Goheimochi

◎A Castle Town Always Has Great Confectionary! Salted And Sweetened 'Gohei-mochi' With Savory Original Sauce Of Nuts


◎Seafood Dishes At Surprising Prices

Haccho Miso

◎Aichi's Usuful Seasoning! Full-bodied And Flavorful Aka-miso

Kinboshi Fushimi

◎Nagoya's Best Yakitori!? The Superb Grilled Veal with Herbs


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